Senator Lesniak wants Sports Betting Approval


online sportsbetting new jerseyNew Jersey Senator Raymond Lesniak has been pushing for intrastate online gambling which has met with approval from the Senate Economic Growth Committee with a vote of 6 to 1 and he is counting on the passing of legalized gambling to help his state recover from economic difficulty. But it has recently been discussed that included in this ground breaking attempt at state legislation instead of federal ruling, that sports betting is also included in the plan.

The US government bans any type of sports betting activity throughout the country except in four states including Nevada and Delaware, where it has helped the state tremendously financially and this is exactly why Lesniak wants it approved in New Jersey. Written into the new legislation is the addition that in order for the state to approve sports betting in the bill, the voters would have to approve it. If voters approve this legalization to bring in sports betting to the state, lawmakers will then have to make a constitutional amendment in order to allow this type of betting in Atlantic City and through internet gambling sites. Lesniak has shown how allowing sports betting in a state can boost profits by showing how this exact situation worked in Delaware. But before any of this can happen New Jersey lawmakers would have to over turn the ban on sports betting and Senator Lesniak is said to be set to ask the federal government to lift the ban on the grounds of it being unfair to some states.

By Patricia C. Senior Editor


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