Sentencing of Party-Gaming Co-Founder Anurag Dikshit, Paid in Full

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In another case of the Federal Government in the United States making off with millions of dollars from the online gambling industry but no conviction for the sentenced party. Anurag Dikshit walks away with no jail just one year probation. Even the judge in this case, Judge Rakoff started questioning the prosecution about why there have been no other arrests in this case which is over 2 years old! The defendant has been cooperating with prosecutors since 2008 when he reached a plea deal arrangement. Judge Rakoff asked why no one else has been indicted in this case while speaking to Assistant US Attorney Arlo Devlin-Brown, “It’s been over two years since this defendant began cooperating, what’s going on?

The Assistant Attorney replied that “The investigation is ongoing but it has become abundantly clear that these types of cases are not netting many results outside of financial gain for the US justice system. Exactly! This is what we have been saying all along. The only interest the US Feds have in these online gambling cases is how much money they can get out of the defendants. So who is breaking the laws here? The online gambling operators or players? On top of all this, there is still the question about what is actually illegal in the US? The UIGEA bill does not ban or make online gambling illegal; all it does is ban financial institutions from processing payments made to online gambling sites. Operators and players are not the ones breaking any laws. It’s the banks and financial systems that could be breaking laws if they are caught processing payments. However, the government does not want to charge banks with crimes because there’s no money in it for them.

Judges around the US are also chiming in on this debate by making matters even worse from prosecutors by ruling that poker is a game of skill and should not be considered a game of luck or chance, which is the definition of gambling. So how many cases have been tried and the defendant/s let go with no jail time once the DOJ received some type of cash forfeiture and information? Take the time to ponder this question and consider what it implies, if online gambling is really illegal in the US, there would be more sentences handed down by US Judges and less get out of jail free “cash” being received by the Feds.

By Patricia C. Senior Editor


  1. This guy seems like the “sissiest” billionaire on the planet. Its ridiculous he went to the US begging for forgiveness when neither he nor the judge knew the crime, and he gave them $300M when neither his business operates in the US any longer, nor does he stay in the US! How did he ever become a billionaire in the first place being so spineless??

  2. I so agree with you! There obviously were no laws broken because he has gotten no jail time,but yet he “cooperated” with the DOJ which in my opinion means he named names and gave them a nice big “jackpot” of $300 million! unbelievable!


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