Slot Machine Cheats That Work

Slot Machine Cheats That Work

For almost as long as slot games have been around there have been plenty of players who have been trying to cheat their way to success. Back in the day before slot machines were digitised and before the age of the Internet, there were plenty of slot machines cheats that actually worked for the slot cheats – although – the majority of them were caught one way or another!

Of course, now that physical slot machines are digital rather than mechanical and online slots are created using complex algorithms and digital graphics, gone are the days when players could cheat slot games.

Let’s take a look at some retro tricks the slot cheats used to try and get away with and see just how much technology has changed when you play now.

The coin on a string trick 

This slot machine cheat even sounds primitive and it really was one of the most basic ways of cheating – but some players managed to get away with it! Players using this cheat would simply attach a string to the coin they would insert into the slot machine and manoeuvre the coin up and down, essentially tricking the slot machines into thinking multiple coins had been inserted and rewarding players with credits.  

The shaved coin cheat 

Have you ever wondered why coins have multiple lines and grooves around the outside? This is to stop people from shaving coins as in the past people would shave down coins, melt the shaving and then use the melted shavings to create more coins. Shaved coins have been used in many cheats and scams and it’s as simple as it sounds and cheating players would use shaved coins to trick the light sensor used in slot machines.  

The magnetic field method 

A popular method of cheating on slots in the 60s and 70s, the magnetic field method took advantage of the strong magnet which used to be on the outside of some slot machines. This made it possible for the reels to float and not stop where they would randomly so that cheaters could manipulate the outcome of the reels by removing the magnet when the reels landed on a winning combo. Of course, this method wouldn’t work on modern slot machines as a random number generator is used to create the combinations.  

The monkey paw cheat 

This method of cheating was coined by notorious casino cheat Tommy Glenn Carmichael and it worked by tying a guitar string to a small hooked metal bar which would then be used to access the inside of the slot machine and trigger a switch which would release the coins.  

There are plenty of other ways players have cheated over the years but these cheats were all quashed by advancing technology. All of these cheats were illegal at the time of course and whilst they may have worked in years gone by, they don’t work on modern-day slot machines. So, players just have to win fair and square and hope that lady luck is on their side!


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