South Korea Police Crackdown on Illegal Online Gambling


South Korea Authorities Seeking Ways to Increase Punishments for Online Gambling Crime Activity

South Korea Police Crackdown on Illegal Online GamblingThis past week South Korean officials stated they are seeking ways to increase its disciplinary actions for gambling online illegally. Officials believe online gambling operators possess a national threat from its organized crime activities in the country. National police are proposing for stricter corrective retributive justice for said actions in the form of extending imprisonment terms. Warnings have been given to players who play at illegal online gambling sites as well which included a reminder that players will be punished and prosecuted as well, right along with the operators.

Standard policies South Korea has in effect already carries a pretty stiff sentence of up to 7 years behind bars and fines amounting more than $60,000. According to the Korea Times, organized crime convictions could hold a penalty of up to life in jail if found guilty. These types of crimes can also cause not just the operator, but employees, web hosting company of the said gambling site, and all other people connected.

Justifications of the new harsher punishments come from more frequent organized crime rings and illegal activity. South Korea’s regulations have become stricter and do not tolerate any illegal undertakings in the country, and if they have to impose harsher punishments maybe illegal transactions will minimize.

“However, with the charge of criminal group organization, the operators will be subject to harsher punishments of up to life sentences,” an official of the National Police Agency said.

“Although we have prosecuted only habitual gamblers and gamblers betting a large amount of money in the past, we will charge all gamblers without exceptions, regardless of how often they gamble or how much money they bet,” a prosecution official said.

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