Strange Situation at Cake Poker

Cake Poker

The cardroom Manager at Cake Poker, Lee Jones has left the company after 19 months of service due to issues that seem a little vague and strange. Claiming that he has left his managerial job at Cake Poker “because of some strategic decisions made by management that he was not comfortable with”. This leaves the door wide open for all types of speculation and because it has become public knowledge Cake Poker management needs to address this in a public manner to calm the nerves of thousands of online poker players and webmasters.

Not only did the cardroom manager quit, so did the “Tournament Director” Serge Ravitch. To have two top management spots left open in a small amount of time because of “vague” reasons should leave players and business partners very nervous about future dealings or deposits. Lee Jones has a good reputation in the online poker industry coming from PokerStars after a 4 year cardroom manager’s job there from 2003 to 2007, then took the job as Cake Poker’s cardroom manager for the past 19 months. For a respected manager to just up and leave a company with such vague reasons, but reasons that scream something is wrong with the integrity of Cake Poker must send the message to all those who frequent the site to play with caution or stay away totally until it becomes apparent what the situation is at the poker room. We will report any new news about Cake Poker as soon as we get it.

By Patricia C. Senior Editor


  1. Well I know something is up.
    I swear to god after watching tv and seeing the usual A6 win I tried Cake Poker.

    I have lost 8 straight games where I was as they say dominating my oppenent.

    I know there is bad luck. But then there is bad luck. I’ve had AQ and he has QJ and the last card is, a J. Ive had a flush and suck the guy into all in, and he gets an 8 giving him a full house.

    Over and over this has happened.
    You know when you have a person beat you bet $500 and they call and every time I have lost.

    You would think they would let you win once in a while. It is like a person there is sucking you in slowly, slowyly, and then has the software play the card he needs for the full house.

    Yes, I claim they are cheating.
    I don’t know what has the software backdoor, the programmers there using their friends. But someone there is definately cheating.

    I’ve never seen such bullshit in all my life.
    They are definately a scam.

  2. I’ve just had 3 bad beats today!
    The last JJ vs J10 and the flop had 1 heart.
    Then 2 hearts flop and i look at his hand quick and yup, 2 hearts.
    Same old crap.
    Cake Poker is Crap Poker.

  3. Think you’ve got it bad!
    I won a tourny. requested a pay-out 7/19 still nothing but lame, scripted computer generated excuses for delay. So it looks like my $500 is going to end up in CAKEPOKERS pocket. STOLEN $500!!! and I’m not alone there are others I found having the same problem. SITE IS A SCAM!!


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