Svenska Spel Reports Declines for Major Prizes Last Year

Svenska Spel Reports Declines for Major Prizes Last Year

Svenska Spel, one of Sweden’s biggest state-owned companies reported a decline for its distribution of major prizes in 2019.

The operator reported that its lotteries and scratch cards distributed a total of 255 prizes worth $105,071, a 9.9% decline compared to 2018. Combined winnings amounted to $134.4 million which represents a 8.5% year-on-year decrease.

Lotteries made up the majority of winners with it generating 144 prizes of SEK1m or more. Svenska Spel’s Winning Ambassador, Pierre Jonsson, said the declines is a result of two featured wins in 2018 of the Drömvinsten (dream win) and the Joker Lottery. The Joker Lottery paid out more than SEK60m to six winners. Scratch card winnings were worth SEK247.7m with 111 big prizes being won for the year.  The biggest scratch card prize payout was worth SEK12m from the Klöver-Triss game, which was won 5 times all together.

Jonsson said last year’s top performer was their dream win game. It was obviously Sweden’s biggest game win of all time, but 2019 was a nice year of winning overall. Jonsson added, since the year is complete, they can now sum up for the number of games and lotteries.

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