Thailand Conducts New Gambling Study Survey

Thailand Conducts New Gambling Study Survey

A Centre for Gambling Studies (CGS) survey has found that more than 700,000 people who gambled this year were first-time punters

A new gambling study survey was conducted by Thailand’s Centre for Gambling Studies and Centre for Social and Business Development recently. The survey revealed that 57% of the country’s citizens have participated in gambling activities during the past year. Thailand’s regulated gambling market is restricted to just state-run lottery and horse racing so the 57% of the citizens have gambled with both legal and illegal operators this year.

A little more than 44,000 people aged 15 and over, took the survey with the final percentage of Thailand citizens increasing since the survey was first conducted back in 2017. Back in 2017 the survey concluded that only 54.2% of the population were partaking in gambling activities. The report confirmed that most of the gambling activities were conducted with government owned lotteries. Illegal lottery operators came in second with 17.7 million players admitting to some sort of activity. Card games attracted more than 4 million players.

Online gambling in the country is a minority quest amongst players. Just 1.6% of the surveyed said they participated in some form of online gambling. The report also said half of the gamblers started gambling around the age of 20 with just one report of someone claiming they gambled at the age of 7.


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