The Countdown is on! Will Harry Reid Get the Gambling Bill Passed?

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If there was ever a time that the UIGEA bill could be repealed and online poker/gambling finally becoming legalized is now. President Obama and the republicans finally came to an agreement yesterday on a tax bill that will be passed at any time now and Senator Harry Reid is thought to be trying to add the internet-gambling bill to it starting today. Leaving the door open on this new tentative tax bill for the online gambling bill to be attached to as the final piece of legislation could actually end the years of yearning and controversy in the online gambling industry from players in the US that have been denied their right to gamble from home. In the next two days with both sides of legislators agreeing on a tax bill would be the perfect time to add on the internet gambling bill because after such a hard fought time trying to come to an agreement on this tax legislation it would be unheard of for Congress to stop the bill from being passed just because the gambling bill is attached to it. So there weakness could be online gambling’s strength and this opportunity should not be missed and Harry Reid knows that.

Working behind closed doors on a bill that would allow existing casinos to start offering online poker, Harry Reid has added a few amendments to the original bill that has made this piece of legislation more acceptable to some lawmakers and land based casinos. One new amendment is that the only casinos that would come under this new “legal” online gambling bill are casinos that have been operational for at least five years, which would give many of the bigger land based casinos in the US an edge over many online casinos. Another new piece of information is the fact that ALL online gaming sites that wish to offer gambling to US players must stop accepting players immediately after legislation goes into effect if they wish to obtain a license’s in the US. This would mean that all poker players in the US would be without their accounts at all sites for up to 15 months! This bill also states that a 15-month period must pass before any state can issue an online gaming license. This is so the federal government can have the time they need to set regulations for the industry.

Rumors are running rampant that Senator Reid is supporting this online gambling bill because of all the casino support he received during his election campaign, but for whatever reason he’s taking a lead role in getting the internet gambling bill passed and that’s good enough for US players who have been shut out from the rest of the world since 2006! Stay Tuned for more updates.

By Patricia C. Senior Editor



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