The Interesting Origins and Exciting Future of Bingo Slots

online bingo

Online gambling is currently experiencing something of a renaissance. With around 4.2 billion gamblers around the world, the pastime is enjoyed by roughly 26 percent of the population. Australians and Singaporeans play the most, but America and the UK are not far behind in terms of spending per capita.

As a result, the global gambling industry is worth an incredible $59 billion – a figure expected to grow to almost $93 billion by 2023. This multi-billion dollar industry is clearly appealing to the modern consumer, as it is fast-paced, fun, and instantly accessible.

Two of the world’s favorite games are bingo and slots. These casino classics boasted massive followings even before they went online. Now they can be played through the world wide web, their popularity has only continued to grow.

Little wonder, then, that innovative developers have combined the two to come up with a clever variation on them both: bingo slots, or ‘slingo’. We take a look at where these originated from and what we can expect to see from the genre moving forward.

Where Bingo Slots Began

Log onto any reputable online casino, and you’ll find an ever-growing collection of bingo slots. Sites like Paddy Power have dozens of options, inspired by various themes and belonging to many genres. From classics like Deal or No Deal Slingo to newer titles, there is something for everyone.

But bingo slots seemed to burst onto the scene out of nowhere, so where did they actually come from? The idea behind them is a simple one to explain: someone saw the vast popularity of slots and bingo and combined them to create a new and exciting game.

That someone was Sal Falciglia Senior, a successful New Jersey real estate developer. What might surprise you to know is that he came up with the idea all the way back in 1994 – around the same time as the first online casino was launched.

However, a lot of players were unaware of the existence of bingo slots until the last couple of years, so where did they disappear to in-between? The answer is that they’ve always been around, but like many things in the online world, they’ve gained new traction as the popularity of internet gaming has exploded.

What Can We Expect from Bingo Slots in 2021?

online bingoAs we mentioned above, online gaming is currently experiencing something of a golden age. With an estimated worth of $59 billion as of September 2020, it’s enjoyed by billions of players around the world.

The more people there are gaming, the more of an onus there is on developers to release new and exciting content. Given the current popularity of slingo, we’re likely to see a slew of new titles in 2021.

Exactly what genres these will belong to is impossible to guess, but you can expect to see plenty of variety. That’s because original content sells, helping to increase a title’s appeal to a new and fresh audience.

With this in mind, we can’t wait to see what the year ahead brings.


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