The Latest Bingo Slots Featuring Iconic Themes

The Latest Bingo Slots Featuring Iconic Themes

The libraries of online casinos continue to expand with different game variations and exciting themes. Bingo slots are a popular choice amongst players, meaning casinos need to keep adding new games that are appealing. There are some themes that have become commonly associated with slots, and newer games are still using them as they have proved to be timeless.

Juicy Loot

One of the latest games available with Paddy Power bingo slots, Juicy Loot, is a traditionally themed fruit-filled slot. The game features colorful classic fruit including grapes, oranges, blueberries, lemons and pears. Although this specific game is relatively new, symbols of fruit have appeared in slot machines for decades and fruit has become one of the most popular themes associated with slots.

‘Fruities’ originally got their nickname from when slot machines started to use fruit symbols instead of card symbols around the early 1900s. This was because the machines originally returned non-cash winnings in the form of fruity chewing gum. Slots have evolved significantly since then, yet the fruit theme and symbols are still prevalent today. The bright colors of the fruit may be how the theme has managed to keep its appeal – there’s a sense of nostalgia associated with the symbols.

Juicy Loot

Deal or No Deal Slingo

The hit TV show ‘Deal or No Deal’ has been used as a theme in a number of different online casino games. One of the newest casino games featuring the show is ‘Deal or No Deal Slingo’, which is a hybrid of bingo and slots combined with classic features from the TV show. The game uses iconic aspects from the show including the numbered boxes, the red and blue values, and even potential deals with ‘The Banker’. This kind of game attracts both fans of the show and people who enjoy playing bingo and slots games – making it an appealing choice for different audiences.

It’s not only Deal or No Deal: other TV shows and films are often used as themes for bingo slots games. Britain’s Got Talent is another popular show that has had a slingo makeover and even films ranging from Sausage Party to Alice in Wonderland have inspired slingo games. The appeal of TV shows and films is widespread, which is why they continue to be used as themes for casino games.

Rainbow Riches Slingo

The luck of the Irish is another theme that has been commonly used in a range of casino games. Rainbow Riches Slingo takes classic Irish iconography and combines it with a bingo slots game. A giant rainbow can be seen in the background of the game, with a leprechaun and the all-important pot of gold featuring on the slot reel.

The well-told tale of the luck of the Irish stems from the gold and silver rush in the late 19th century, where a large number of the successful miners were of Irish heritage. The saying has led to a popular theme amongst casino games, going hand in hand with the bright and cheerful imagery often associated with Ireland.

Rainbow Riches Slingo
There is a wide range of diverse and interesting themes available amongst casino games, but it is no surprise that newer games are still being created using classic themes. As long as the games are entertaining and the themes remain appealing, then it is likely that the same imagery will continue to be used.


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