The Most Exciting 2020 Jackpot Wins So Far

When it comes to accruing wealth, investing is not the only available option for you. Thanks to Lady Luck, a few fortunate people become instantaneous multimillionaires through the power of jackpots. If you want to join them, then you either have to go to the casino or participate in the Powerball lottery.

This desire to rake in tons of money fast is what makes the casino industry one of the most influential and prevalent sectors out there. A fanbase of hundreds of millions of people does not come out thin air. The existence of big jackpot wins defined this business since its inception.

Although most casino games and lotteries provide people with lots of entertainment and engaging time, most of the gambling people have admitted that they love the dance with lady luck. They feel invigorated knowing that they can pull in a jackpot any second.

Over the years, only the luckiest got to bathe in the glory of winning a jackpot, which is why gambling still stand tall and strong as of today. In fact, some people have already enjoyed the jackpot wins in 2020! Here are 5 of the biggest jackpot wins so far this year.

Flamingo Las Vegas – a $100k Win

The first gambler to kick out list off has won exactly a $105,309 worth of the progressive jackpot. This happened at Flamingo Las Vegas on the 7th of January, 2020. The gambler won this money in Mississippi Stud, which goes to show that the new decade has come and the time continues to march on.

Mississippi Stud is a relatively new casino table game, originally created by Scientific Games. It is a variation of poker that was designed to attract new and younger players from the new generation. The rules, as well as the playing strategies, are easy-to-learn, which is the game’s main appeal.

Additionally, unlike traditional poker, the game is “house-banked”, meaning that the players are playing against the house, instead of each other. It is very much like blackjack, but the house advantage is much lower in Mississippi Stud. The lower advantage results in more people hitting the jackpot.

Easy $775k at Pahrump Casino

A Canadian woman got incredibly lucky at Pahrump Casino, winning an impressive $775,000 jackpot on the 10th of January, 2020. The gambler actually identified herself this time around: she said that her name is Cathy, and she is a retiree.

She was only visiting her mother, who lives in Las Vegas, very close to Pahrump. The lucky gambler indicated that she visits Pahrump quite often when she is staying in Las Vegas. She loves gambling, and the big jackpot will definitely not stop her from doing so.

Cathy won the jackpot on a simple slot machine with a maximum bet of $3. This type of game is a great time killer, which makes it especially wonderful for people like Cathy, who is in Las Vegas on a personal matter and need to blow off some steam once in a while.

Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino: Nearly a $1M Jackpot

Actually, not one gambler got lucky on the 7th of January, 2020, but two. In addition to the first gambler on the list, there was another jackpot winner. Although, this time around, the winnings are much more stunning.

The gambler has won $965,035.85 by hitting a Royal Flush when playing Crazy Four Poker at Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino. Although the gambler decided to stay anonymous, we know that he is a gambling aficionado, as he was registered as a Diamond Guest at the casino.

$1.7M at Wynn Las Vegas

An even bigger jackpot figure was won on the 10th of February, 2020 via an extremely fortunate spin behind the Wheel of Fortune machine at Wynn Las Vegas. The exact payout for the lucky gambler was $1,734,677.19. This big sum was a result of a measly $10 wager – absolutely stunning!

The game itself is pretty popular between all of the numerous casinos in Las Vegas. If you are on the casino ground floor, then you are sure to find the game, regardless of which gambling establishment you are in. Wheel of Fortune is basically a small-sized lottery, so, the payouts are very frequent.

Since the game’s introduction in 1995, the Wheel of Fortune slots has created more than a thousand new millionaires. The payout rate is so generous with this game, that statistically, every 2 days, a lucky winner gets to take at least $100k with themselves in the form of the jackpot.

An Enigmatic Powerball Winner

Someone living in Florida has become incredibly rich overnight. On the 29th of January, 2020, there was yet another drawing of the Powerball lottery, and the ticket that was sold in the sunny state matched all six numbers perfectly.

The Wednesday drawing’s jackpot is a whopping $396.9M. After the winner receives the money, the hardest thing to do will be deciding how to spend the left-over money, after they bought all of the necessities.

No information regarding the winner and when the lucky person has raked in their incredulous win has been disclosed yet. One thing is certain, someone’s life will be getting much-much easier in the near future, even though this jackpot is not the biggest Powerball win by any means, as seen on CNN.

Similarities Between Jackpot Winners

According to CNBC, a lot of jackpot winners share the same tendencies when it comes to their life after winning a huge sum of money. The biggest amount of overlap can be found in the goals that the lottery winners set for themselves.

Firstly, pretty much every jackpot winner says that they will help their family financially. After taking care of their closest ones, many indicate that they will take some time off and relax overseas. Lastly, big portions of money they have no idea how to spend goes straight to charity.

However, not everything is as bright as it seems. According to the New York Times, many big jackpot winners destroy their personal lives and go bankrupt shortly after winning tons of money. So, big jackpots need to be taken with a lot of precautions.

With Great Jackpots Comes Great Responsibility

So, these 5 jackpot wins were the biggest ones this year. However, the year is not even a quarter through, so according to OnlineCasinoGems, a lot of big and exciting lottery and casino jackpot wins are still to come.

G. Arthur is part of our editorial staff and writes about the latest online gambling industry news and related articles from around the globe.


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