Things You Should Be on The Lookout for When Checking Online Casino Reviews

Things You Should Be on The Lookout for When Checking Online Casino Reviews

It’s 2019 and enjoying online casinos as a pastime activity is no longer frowned upon in most European countries. Of course, there are a lot of variables that can enter this discussion but we’re not going to bore you to death with various legislations and stuff like that.

Assuming that you’re already well aware if you can enjoy casinos legally in your country, we’re going to focus on those things that should get your attention when checking out a review for a new online casino. Since each and every casino out there is trying so hard to get new customers, let’s just say you shouldn’t take anything for granted. So, without further ado, let’s jump straight to the point!

1.  Who’s Writing the Review

As we all know, reviews for any kind of products can be biased. And, unfortunately, the online casino industry isn’t excluded. Most of the reviews put together by various affiliate websites have the only purpose to get you to join those casinos and hopefully make a deposit so that they get their share of the spoils. How to recognise and affiliate website you ask? It’s quite easy actually. They’ll have several buttons taking you to the sign-up page of the casino they are reviewing and besides the said casino they offer you various other alternatives.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that all affiliate websites are just focused on getting you to create an account without providing accurate data and objective reviews of the casinos they recommend. There are several trustworthy sites out there that do both the affiliate work and a great job at offering honest opinions about the casinos. Casinomeister and AskGamblers are two of the best examples in that direction.

2.  The Adjectives Used in Correlation to Bonuses or Rewards

When reading online casino reviews, we all want to see figures and facts. For example, when we read the review for Casino XYZ – hoping that’s not a real casino – we want to find out exactly what’s the welcome bonus, what are the conditions to become eligible for this bonus, how many games do they offer and what are the payment methods accepted. If the review is full of pumped-up adjectives like “fabulous”, “amazing”, “mind-blowing”, you should put on your skeptikal glasses and go through the information very carefully. Sure, this could come from lack of research from the copywriter doing the review, however, most of the time it’s all about making things sound better than they really are. For example, “a huge welcome bonus” can turn out to be a 100% up to $50.

3.  Precise Info on Cashing Out

Any casino review that claims it delivers accurate info should approach the matter of withdrawals. Most casino players are in it for the win and will want to know how long it will take for them to cashout. If the online casino review you’re reading, doesn’t mention a word about the entire process of withdrawing or is using the same eye-catching adjectives described in the paragraph above, you should think twice before joining that casino. Of course, you can try addressing the casino directly to find out accurate info about the subject at hand, however, there’s a big chance you won’t get the full story that way either. Again, your best bet is to go on a forum where that casino is being analyzed and ask for the opinion of registered users that went through the entire process.

4.  Number of Games

Similar to the other two paragraphs, any decent online casino review should give you at least an estimate number of games you can expect to find at a given casino. Whenever you see plenty of games or, our favorite expression “plethora of games”, make sure to double check the info yourself by actually visiting the casino and checking their game offer. Here, you should be able to verify the information with the support department of the casino as well, as they should have an exact figure for you.

Not every online casino out there is written with the intention to screw you over. However, it’s best to know who to trust in an industry that often makes big bucks on telling half-truths or omitting some important aspects when it comes to their “fabulous” prizes and “instant” cashouts. Hoping this article will help separate the wheat from the chaff, we wish you all the best!

G. Arthur
G. Arthur is part of our editorial staff and writes about the latest online gambling industry news and related articles from around the globe.


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