Top Online Casino Players of All Time

Top Online Casino Players of All Time

Just like other hobbies, activities, and sports, there are a lot of big names in the online casino industry. Some of these casino players have intensive experience in online gambling while others previously had more experience in real-world land establishments.

You can draw some inspiration from these gamblers to perfect your art when playing table games online and also win fabulous amounts in the process. From tournaments that are hosted all around the globe online and in walk-in casinos, here is a list of best casino players.

Greg Raymer

Greg Raymer built a reputation for himself in 2007 where he won his first World Championship of Online Poker (WCOOP). At the tournament, he bankrolled $168,362 from just an initial investment of$320. He has also won at World Series of Poker (WSOP) championship and got winnings of $5 million at no-limit Texas hold ’em main event.

Greg has made a name for himself in online casino industry but he also participates in real-life land gambling establishment tournaments. He was first noticed at world stage in 2001 and ever since this gambler has made some prestigious appearances.

Joe Hacem

Joe Hacem started playing poker in land casinos and also online gambling sites earlier on his career. World poker champion initially started playing casually and gradually started to enter tournaments and championships.

You can also start off by playing real money poker at online casinos and if you’re fond of the game and understand it, branch off to world championships. After entering the competition, you stand to make a lot of money if you’re a strategic player that has become a pro at this game. There are a lot of tournaments to start off playing at best online poker rooms.

Chris Moneymaker

Chris Moneymaker has made a name for himself in the gambling industry especially because of his large winnings. Most interesting thing about the beginning of his career as a gambler, he entered a competition at an online casino.

Perhaps he spent a lot of time on casinos similar to ones mentioned by That gave him enough practice to go on and be the world champion in playing poker.

Probably it is his surname that is his lucky charm and continues making so much money in this industry. He started his whole career with $86 that was gambled back in 2003 at World Series of Poker satellite tournament.

Kent Lundmark

Kent Lundmark is a young Swedish player that regularly plays at tournaments and also cash games to increase his bankroll. He immediately started playing casino games after high school. He won a very prestigious game at the WCOOP, bankrolling $225,006.22. At this great tournament, he played under screen name ForzaVaxholm.

You can also start winning great prizes and perhaps one day bankroll huge amounts of cash like Kent Lundmark. Start winning money today using Online roulette casino to leverage your winnings and stand a chance to win big. The gameplay will be fun and plus you will be making good money in the process.

Julian Stuer

Julian Stuer is a poker player residing in Vienna who has received a high prize of over $1 million. The total prize money he has accumulated over the years can reach at least close to $3 million. The player does not play online only but has a hybrid system of playing at real-life walk-in casino establishments.

He has played at a number of tournaments and poker competitions but one of his most remarkable games was at the PokerStars Championship. In the championship, he played against 186 high roller players and he was so radioactive at the tables. A certain amount of his was won at online tournaments instead of real-world casinos.

Tom Bentham

Tom Bentham also known by his screen name tjbentham has made a name for himself by performing exceedingly well at various tournaments throughout the years. The British online poker player flipped over an investment of $5200 to $191,476 while earning himself the WCOOP title.

He has gone up against the best of players but came out on top. That is what contributed to him winning one of the most prestigious titles in online gambling history. He is one of the most prominent British bankrollers in online poker that clean the virtual tables when they are playing

The bottom line

That is the list of the top casino players that may have started out playing online and of gamblers that still play digitally. The majority of these great gamblers have a hybrid playing methodology where they play both online and at live events. That diversification can also help you leverage your bankroll and stand a chance to win the greatest prizes at a global stage. You can use the life stories of these top players as inspiration to get started.


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