Totally Gaming Academy to Showcase ‘Future Focused’ Training and Development

Totally Gaming Academy to Showcase ‘Future Focused' Training and Development

TGA, Totally Gaming Academy is set to showcase its ‘Step Into the Future’ theme at ICE London with Future Focused’ Training and Development.

TGA said they will launch a series of future focused courses from the TGA theatre. A total of 15 practical and business-related courses will be showcased at boot S9-360 with the Academy being split into a three-day event. Each of the events, or days will offer its own unique industry-driven focus. The Totally Gaming Academy is hoping to build on a successful year with providing and delivering expert training to more than 400 industry professionals from more than 20 different countries.

The opening day of the ICE event will see TGA offering courses that are based on Land-based, Casino and Lottery. The second day will offer Sportsbook, Online Gaming and Compliance with the third and final day ‘Leaping into the Future’.

Clarion Gaming’s Head of Education and Training, Andrew Spencer released a small statement regarding TGA saying there will be a new selection of speakers as well as their regular trainers in attendance of ICE. They look forward to all teams of experts setting out to explore the ne technologies and showcases the event will bring.


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