Track your Slot Game Play with New App.


iphone slotsNowadays there are “App’s” for everything even including your online slot machine tracking! This is a fantastic new concept that allows online slot enthusiast to track important issues that can greatly help your strategy when choosing which casino to play at and which slot machines to spin all according to your own history at both. How many online slot players have thought at least once in their online gambling adventures that they wished they could remember which slot games were hot or not the last time they visited that casino? Or how about an app that allows you to keep track of the winning percentages of each online casino that you enter or which casino has given away the largest jackpot winnings more often? All these questions and their answers could greatly influence a gambler on which casino and which games they play and this new “app” will help do exactly that.

This new software is the first among applications, which are developed by Sand Croft Inc. This newly created business, which is only a little over a year old and according to business owner David Walstad this new application is just what slot player’s need. There are hundreds of app’s out there but not any that are dedicated to collecting gambling data from online casinos, providing user information about their game play, win/loss player diary and slot machine activity at different online casinos.

This new application is available for only $8 and is downloadable at iTunes stores. Using your iphone or ipad while playing slots at your favorite online casino, this little gem will be tracking all your information from the game you are playing, giving you important results that can help you with your slot gaming adventures.

By Patricia C. Senior Editor


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