Trump Taj Mahal has Four Weeks Left Before it shuts its Doors for Good


Trump Taj MahalWell the Trump Taj Mahal Casino in Atlantic City will join the other four casinos that closed already this year. Papers were filed just yesterday claiming the casino will shut its doors in just four weeks, by December 12 2014.

This is a planned, well not so much planned closure, so to speak with the casino filing for bankruptcy in September. They have suffered major blows with significant decreased gambling revenues for quite some time now. They employed 3,000 workers this year for their 2,0000 room hotel, and they never seen what was hoped for with guests visiting the casino and gambling revenues that would be worth them keeping the doors open.

This closure is actually a delayed one. Trump Entertainment had previously got approval to cut benefits and pensions, but that didn’t fall into place like it had hoped so they went ahead with filing the necessary paperwork in federal court on Friday. Trump Entertainment Attorneys said that the company “had not obtained the tax relief and incentives” that were required with the initial court approval, therefore they have been approved to close its doors.

The loss of appeal for Atlantic City is a saddened one. The once number one gambling destination is turning into a ghost town, while other states are raking in the revenues no problem.

Tanya L. made the move with us from Casino Scam Report ( over to Casino Players Report ( as we re-branded in 2017. She handles political gambling and casino industry news.


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