UK Government Plans to Oust Overseas Gambling Operators


uk online gamblingIn a dramatic and unexpected move, the UK government is considering ousting all overseas online gambling operators out of their country for fears of addiction. Jeremy Hunt the Culture Secretary wants to stop all online gambling companies not based in Britain from advertising in their country. Also being considered is a countrywide ban on all credit card use for internet gambling which was reported in the UK’s Daily Mail news. This unexpected move would oust hundreds of foreign gambling operators out of Britain causing a huge upheaval in the online gambling world.

In 2005, the Labour Dept. accepted a controversial Gambling Act that would now be torn up because critics are blaming this legislation for the dramatic deregulation of the online gambling industry. A high-ranking senior government source stated that Ministers are worried that an explosion of gambling advertising has been created by the relaxing online gambling laws by the Labour Dept. The coming changes that the UK government wants to see is better protection for the pubic from online gambling operators that do not meet the UK’s standards but have been allowed to advertise and profit from the lax gaming laws.

The Gambling Act – Any operator/company that holds a license of online gambling in the UK must follow stringent rules and checks to make sure no child is playing or taking part in any highly addictive games. Only operators who run their company or locate their key equipment in Britain need to be licensed by the Gambling Commission. There is a loophole in the law that allows countries across Europe and companies called “white list” can advertise in the UK without being subject to strict regulations. These so-called white list and other countries include, the Isle of Man, Antigua, Tasmania and Alderney.

While other countries like Spain, Greece, Italy and France have already adopted or are in plans to adopt new license and tax laws. Right now, the UK is the only country that permits overseas operators to advertise without player protection.

By Patricia C. Senior Editor


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