UK Local Government Association on Online Gambling Ads


Tighter Restrictions on Online Gambling Advertising Being Called Upon in the UK

A call for tighter restrictions for online gambling advertising has been implemented by the UK Local Government Association this week. The call has drawn attention from the mainstream media with gambling issues being aired after the government scheduled its review on gambling for next month.

LGA Chairman Simon Blackburn released the following statement;

“Gambling advertising on television has rocketed since the Gambling Act came into force in 2007, which is a major concern for councils who are aware of the personal harm that problem gambling can cause. While the Gambling Act was intended to position gambling as an acceptable leisure activity, we are concerned that the volume of gambling advertising goes beyond what can be deemed the right balance between socially responsible growth and protecting individuals and communities.”

The LGA represents city councils across the UK. Their main objective is to call upon councils to act when problem gambling issues arise and to implement preventive measures to the younger demographics. All government channels are called upon to control the “huge rise” in problem gambling especially with children aged from 11 up to 15 showing interest in following the market on social media.


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