UK Moves Toward Offshore Online Casino Licensing


The UK Sports Ministry released suggestions on licensing offshore online casino operators, a move to even competitive conditions for domestic gambling companies.

Play the Best Slots at Superslots Casino! The Department for Culture, Media, and Sports in the UK released proposals yesterday to begin licensing online casinos operating from overseas. The measures are a response to accusations by British Internet gambling companies who say they receive an uneven competitive playing field, due to requirements that haven’t been imposed on foreign sites.

Among the rules that foreign-based casinos would have to obey to receive a license include the sharing of suspicious sports betting patterns and the protection of children and problem gambling sufferers. New regulations would mean operators on the White List of approved regulatory jurisdictions, including other EU members, may have to obtain a UK license to advertise.

While EU rules say that member nations generally have to accept another member’s licensing as good as its own, exceptions are made if it can be proved for the public welfare. Preventing sports corruption and protecting residents from predatory gambling could be the UK’s reasoning to allow the license requirements.

Sports Minister Gerry Sutcliffe said he intended that all gaming companies, foreign and domestic, that accept bets on British horse racing be taxed to subsidize the sport.

No solution was detailed in the proposals to resolve the discrepancy in the tax situation, a heavy domestic levy which is presently avoided by offshore online casinos. The domestic disadvantage led to William Hill and Ladbrokes moving their bases from the UK to Gibraltar.


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