Ukraine’s Cabinet of Ministers Approves Legalization of Gambling Draft

Ukraine’s Cabinet of Ministers Approves Legalization of Gambling Draft

Ukraine’s Cabinet of Ministers approves a new legalization of gambling draft that could possibly see gambling across the country.

The Cabinet of Ministers approved the new Action Program that included a draft law that would permit gambling, “exclusively on the territory of hotels, with use of gambling equipment with software that meets international standards”.

Prime Minister Alexei Goncharuk spoke on the announcement this week at a press briefing that the draft bill was motivated by the presence of illegal gaming machines across the country. Goncharuk said the bill was drafted on the President’s instructions and was voted on already. Goncharuk said it will be pushed through the parliament in the next few days.

The bill includes details on how government officials propose to regulate gambling. The bill doesn’t not include lotteries, this will be regulated and legalized with a separate bill. The main objective is to remove illegal slot machines from the streets and take control on illegal gambling activities. According to reports from the Ukrainian newspaper the bill includes license fees of $1.5 million for operating a casino in Kiev and lesser amounts for casinos in other cities with a popular of a million or more.


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