Ultimatum Issued to the USA on WTO Dispute

Ultimatum Issued to the USA on WTO Dispute

End of the Year Ultimatum Issued to the US Regarding the Antigua Online Gambling Dispute

The trading war between Antigua and Barbuda is coming to an end, well that’s what is hoped anyway! Antigua gave the US an end of the year ultimatum to either pay what is owed or “other means will be taken”. What does this mean? Not real sure in terms of the outcome or the “other” option, but what we do know is that for the last 15 years the “war” has been going on between the two.

Antigua was the first to create the framework for online gambling regulations back in the early 1990s. A crackdown on online gambling in the US happened early on with the market dropping significantly with the number of operators being able to offer its services because of the crackdown. This was when Antigua looked to the World Trade Organization for help, and help is what they received!

The WTO ruled that violations with the General Agreement on Trades and Services were the outcome of the US stance and that $21 million in damages were to be paid annually, but the US didn’t want to accept the ruling and basically didn’t acknowledge it.

“Antiguan and Barbudan workers and their families are yet to see the US compensate our country for the sum of US$21 million per year since 2007 that the WTO ruled is due to our country,” was said in a released statement.


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