Update – Moscow Court Arrest Three Police Officers in Russian Mafia Gambling Case


russian mafiaLast week it was reported that the Interior Ministry and the FSB undercover investigation of the Russian Mafia’s Illegal Gambling connection to the Moscow Prosecutors office resulted in the arrest of three police officers including the Deputy Prosecutor Alexander Ignatenko. Also included in the arrest was the criminal king pin Ivan Nazarov and now the court has sanctioned the arrest of the Department for Combating Economic Crimes, “Nikolai Pyshkin” and special detectives “Dmitry Akulin and Sergei Yermakov. The arrest of these men brings the total of arrests so far to six and each one has been charged with “grand fraud” under the Criminal Code of the Russian Fed.

Ivan Nazarov and his assistant Alla Guseva had also been sanctioned by the high court to be arrested as well as business partner Marat Mamyev. But at the time, which was earlier in the year, the prosecutor objected to their arrest! The arrest of these major players in a 15 town illegal gambling ring which made up to 10 billion dollars a year is a major unraveling of Moscow’s law enforcement department. When the investigation was started the Interior Ministry and FSB spoke of the resistance they were receiving from the prosecutor’s office in Moscow which at times was vigorous. Now with the arrests of such high ranking individuals in the prosecutor’s office it is understood why they were met with such resistance.

By Patricia C. Senior Editor casinoplayersreport.com


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