US Online Gambling – Who Can be Against It?

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“If you’ve got a bill they are all for, who can be against it?”

These words were said by Joe Barton when questioned regarding his online gambling bill, during the recent House sub-committee meeting on this matter. However the feeling is that even despite federal Regulation for this industry there will be some serious flies in the ointment.

The top lobbyists for the e-gaming industry in the USA have suggested that the biggest states in the US will opt out of any federal legislation to do with regulating online gambling. Despite the fact that this is a huge threat for a united front with regards to online gambling laws, and the overturning of UIGEA, it is not going to be smooth sailing all the way. There is far too much money, but not only money – control over revenue and people – involved in this industry.

In 2009 (May) Rep. Barney Frank (D-Mass.), introduced 3 bills into Congress, admittedly with some help from his friends. These bills were intended to regulate, tax and legalize, online gambling in the USA. This means allow US licensed operators to offer gambling games such as poker, casino games, lotteries, parimutuel racing and bingo, – Franks Bill did not include sports-betting. The bill also intended that wagers could be accepted from punters in every US state, unless the Governor notified their intention to opt out of the Act – should it be promulgated. The Governor would be given 90 days to opt out, after the bills were written into law.

Certain US State Governors are already opposing the bills, based on the fact that they are so short-sighted to stupidly believe that offering online poker would threaten their lottery sales. A good many stupid decisions to opt out of the Act might be made by the very same governor(s). The answer to Joe Barton’s rhetorical question could therefore be – who indeed? We shall just have to wait and see.

Written by Neha A


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