Home Online Gambling News Video of Patients Gambling at Malaysian Quarantine Center Appear Online

Video of Patients Gambling at Malaysian Quarantine Center Appear Online

Video of Patients Gambling at Malaysian Quarantine Center Appear Online

The impact of Covid-19 has been visible in almost all countries. Over 2 million people have already died and the virus shows no signs of slowing down.

An interesting fact occurred in Malaysia, where patients were caught gambling at the Covid-19 quarantine center. The video resurfaced online and was viewed by many users.

A policeman from the Dat Abu Bakar Baginda police station filed a report on the matter. He noted that an inquiry paper had been opened to facilitate further investigations and enhance checks on patients at the Malaysia Agro Exposition Park Serdang (MAEPS) quarantine center.

According to the news, some videos have appeared on social media, that show activities believed to be gambling at quarantine centers.

One of the videos demonstrated several men sitting on a bed and playing cards while placing bets with cash.

Gambling in Malaysia

Gambling in Malaysia is strictly regulated. It should be said that a lot of people do not have direct access to gamble online in Malaysia. Because of that, in recent periods cryptocurrency has gained huge popularity. Due to its advantages – security, speed of transactions, and anonymity – gambling with crypto in Malaysia has gained a foothold. In such a way, citizens are able to bypass the surveillance from the government.

The minimum age of gambling in the country is 21 years. Operators must request an identity to check the player’s age.

The Malaysian Federation, a state in Southeast Asia with 30 million people, is located on the Malacca Peninsula and the island of Kalimantan. It is a developed Islamic state with a high index of human development, but very strict laws concerning the gaming industry.

Malaysian Gambling Laws

The Common Gaming Houses Act 1953 and the Betting Act of 1953 criminalize and even participate in gambling. Malaysian Sharia law applies to the Muslim population (about 60%).

Casinos and slot machines in Malaysia

In Malaysia, as an exception, there are several casinos in the Genting Highlands Resort. The main gaming spaces are Genting Casino and SkyCasino. Players can find there a truly luxurious world-class casino, hundreds of gaming tables, and several thousand slot machines.

In addition, Malaysia is implementing a unique project of cruise ship-casino Crusino. The construction will cost at least $560 million (estimated in the region of 600-650 million U.S. dollars). In the spring of 2017, the ship was launched, finishing work will end with the launch of a grandiose, unparalleled in the world of floating casinos in 2021 (estimated).

Online casino in Malaysia

Many international online casinos accept players from Malaysia, although the country’s banks are preventing transfers. The government is blocking access to hundreds of casinos on the Internet at the request of religious citizens. Gambling on the Internet, being in this country can only be under its own responsibility, aware of the possible risks and consequences, as it is a de facto violation of the laws of the country.


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