Virtual Sports Product Launches Online In China


china online gamblingAnyone who is anyone in the online gambling industry wants to get in with a chance to win in the massive Chinese gambling market. Although online gambling is not really allowed, in attempts to draw interest for these activities, big brand names are getting a foot in the door so-to-speak. An initial launch took place this year in June, where AGTech Holdings Limited – the Chinese sports lottery provider, entered a joint venture with British bookmaker Ladbrokes plc. This week the company has rolled out a new virtual sports gambling product – Lucky Racing. It takes place across 1,000 betting shops throughout the Hunan province.

Earlier this year the game was approved following a trial which took place during 2010 and has been seen operating successfully in a small number of shops. The Chairman and CEO of AGTech – John Sun – said they were “really excited to see the strong market response to the game and platform. He also made mention of the fact that the trial and launch of the game was a huge milestone to cross in terms of future plans, to align the company’s strategies with “current market opportunities”. Read between the lines of a statement such as this, and we read ‘online gambling’; at least at some point in time in the future. They are hoping that this particular game will introduce something new in sports gambling to the massive Chinese lottery market.

Lucky Racing is already enjoying superior sales performance and a positive response from people who play the lottery. They also believe that rapid-draw, random number, fixed-odds virtual sports betting, contains the possibility to exploit a new target player demographic. The bet management system has been designed and developed by OpenBet. This company has a brilliant reputation in the online gambling industry. Ladbrokes said that this was a ‘small’ but positive step in the right direction, in a key gambling market.

Written by Neha A


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