West Virginia Getting Closer to Legalizing Sports Betting

West Virginia Getting Closer to Legalizing Sports Betting

Legislative rules have been filed by the West Virginia Lottery Commission for public comment with the Secretary of State’s Office for legalization of sports betting.

Filing the rules gets the state one step closer to finalizing the process to making sports betting activity legal in the state. Part of the process is to offer a public comment period. This period allows all casinos and racetracks to begin its process of setting up its sports betting operations. The state Lottery Commission projects sports betting activities will have a $5.5 million impact for 2019.

Managing Counsel for the Lottery Commission, Danielle Boyd told the news media that,

“If they were ready to open today and they had all their systems in place, we would certainly have to do some testing, but we would be ready to take bets as that testing would conclude. If it’s the on-property testing, we anticipate that will take only a few days to complete.”

Boyd also added,

“The technology for mobile and online is new to us in West Virginia. We’re starting from square one, whereas New Jersey already had online casinos in place, online poker and other casino-style games.”


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