What Finland Online Casinos Do Different

finland online casinos

When you think about it, the main reason most people choose a specific casino is that they believe it’s the best in the business. No one selects a gaming website simply because it’s located close by.

You want excellent services. And if they come from a company located overseas, that’s where you’ll spend your money. Many Finnish casino players believe the same. They can always play slots or card games provided by state-owned websites.

But they choose casinos that provide quality games and services. They select operators that operate differently from Veikkaus—the only company responsible for offering gambling markets in Finland.

Against that backdrop, we’ll focus on the things foreign online casinos do differently that make them more appealing to Finnish players than government-owned Veikkaus. Sounds good? Let’s dive right in.

More and Better Casino Games

One of the reasons nearly every Finnish player want to join an offshore casino online is that these operators provide a higher number of games than Veikkaus. To expound more, Veikkaus has games from only two software providers: Playtech and Yggdrasil by 2020. And last year, it announced it would eliminate 400+ gaming positions.

In comparison, most offshore casinos feature games from 15+ software developers. When you combine several websites, you could access 2000+ games from more than 50 companies. To spice things up, the best offshore casinos provide better games in every sense of the word.

Let’s start with slots. On average, Veikkaus machines have an RTP that range between 80% and 90%. By comparison, foreign websites have games that pay up to 99% of gambled money. Naturally, that means the best way to maximize your winning potential is to play slots at overseas casinos.

When it comes to card games, offshore casinos stand out with low-house edge games. Add to that to their extensive list of games and you’ll discover why most Finnish players want nothing to do with Veikkaus.

Sweet Bonuses

Most people don’t know this. But Finnish casino players tend to get better bonuses than other people. It has something to do with the country’s love affair with online gambling. And as a result, every website wants to appeal to Finnish players.

Usually, Finnish players don’t just get bigger bonuses. They also receive the icing on top—friendly bonus terms and conditions. That way, you could receive a first deposit bonus with 20x wagering requirements while others have to spend 40x their money for the same offer.

That said, not every offshore casino treats Finnish players like royalty. Some operators have similar bonuses for everyone. And that’s alright if the offer is great. But since there are many bonuses for players from Finland, it’s essential to compare several offers before you claim the best one.

Fast, Convenient Payouts

One of the rules for using Veikkaus is to own a Finnish bank account. That’s because wire transfer is the only payment option at the monopolistic gaming website. And as you know, wire transfer is neither the fastest nor the most convenient payment method out there.

To attract Finnish players easier, foreign casinos fix everything that’s wrong with Veikkaus’ payment policies. For starters, they provide a broad range of banking options. That way, you could use bank transfer, debit cards, e-wallets or even cryptocurrencies.

The best part of it is that offshore casinos have friendlier payment policies. For example, you can deposit as little or as much as you want. Deposits are instantaneous, meaning you can start to bet immediately you fund your account.

Withdrawing money is equally easy. With e-wallets, you can get your money within a few minutes, hours or days. Bank transfer and e-wallets take a tad longer but they come with conveniently low fees.

Mobile Casinos

Mobile betting is more popular than PC gaming in Finland. And Veikkaus has a role in it. The casino has websites and apps available on all devices, including iOS and Android gadgets. As such, players that bet at Veikkaus regularly prefer to join foreign casinos that also support mobile betting.

Gladly, that’s not a problem for many casinos. Instead, it’s the standard for every decent online casino. Either, they have a mobile-responsive website or feature native apps for android and iOS devices. Crucially, these sites operate smoothly. Otherwise, no one wants a mobile casino that won’t work on an iPhone or Samsung Galaxy phone.

In case you’re wondering, mobile casinos provide the same products they have on their desktop devices. From games and payments to bonuses and contact channels, casinos provide the same quality of services on multiple devices.

Personalized Services

Another way foreign casinos appeal to Finnish players is by personalizing their services. A company could be based in London. But it will provide a website that displays information in the Finnish language. And it will support all Finnish payment methods.

What’s more, the best casinos also personalize bonuses, payments and customer service. That way, you get feedback through your preferred communication channel. Also, you get to pay through your favourite payment channels.

Of course, personalization is even more essential for customer service. If you’re like many people, you hate canned automatic replies. Instead, you favour human communications. Lucky for you, most offshore casinos that accept Finnish players have live chatbots. That way, you can have one-on-one communications with the support team.

Consistently Reliable Services

If you want to promote a home-grown casino, then Veikkaus is the best choice. But if you want consistently reliably services, your best shot lies at offshore casinos. Not every foreign website, but the best-rated operators.

So, how do you find a reliable Finnish casino? Read reviews. Compare many websites and select 2-3 websites with great services. Then read more about their past and present performances. If you find a company with a history of providing quality services, that should be your choice.

Of course, don’t get worked out on finding an established casino. If the best casino you find has only need around for 2-3 years, give it a try. Sometimes the best gaming websites haven’t been in the market for long.


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