What is the Game Care?


Besides the UKGC, many bodies work to reduce problems related to gambling addiction. The UK is the most country concerned with gambling addiction because it is the largest market in this industry.

According to polls, there are more than 2 million people at risk of gambling addiction in the UK. Therefore, there are many committees and charities out there. These bodies take decisions to regulate online gambling in order not to keep it within safe limits.

Game Care is one of the most prominent bodies that work on combating gambling addiction in the UK. The main goal of this charity is to help low willed players to avoid gambling addiction. Game Care is the first body in the United Kingdom concerned with this issue, as it started in 1997.

What Does Game Care Do?

To combat gambling addiction, Game Care works on more than one axis, as follows:

  • Helping players addicted to gambling and players who are on the verge of relapse.
  • Educate players about gambling addiction.
  • Working with casinos to give players an idea of ​​the charity and what it can offer them.

1.    Treating Players

In addition, this commission assists people who are in the GamStop scheme and still want to return to gambling again and players who are not in GamStop.

If a player needs help, he can contact them via the hotline or the Internet at any time throughout the day. An expert therapist in gambling addiction treatment will guide him through the treatment procedure in a friendly manner; So, don’t be shy to get in touch with them!

In addition, this treatment is provided free of charge, not only to the addicted player. Also, people around him can also receive suitable support as well! Since the problem of gambling addiction affects family and friends. So, the knowledge of these people certainly helps to reach a better results.

2.    Working with the Casinos

The second area is to work with online gambling casinos. The commission asks them to implement a set of policies to protect their customers. These policies are not different from the UKGC requirements, as follows:

  • Set a minimum and maximum limit for deposits and withdrawals.
  • Monitor the size of the player’s bets during a certain period; if the bets suddenly increased. So, if he may face losses and want to recover them, and this concept is the seed of addiction!
  • Provide players with self exclusion options.
  • Verify players age to make sure that no one is minor.
  • Educate players via e-mails about gambling addiction problem.
  • Train customer service team to deal with problem gambling players.

If the casino applies these policies, he will obtain a Game Care approval to place it on his home page. Certainly, this approval logo gives it legitimacy, because it indicates that the casino is socially responsible.

3.    Educate Players

The third role of this committee is to educate players about gambling addiction. Also, the committee has a special program for teenagers.

GamStop VS. Game Care

Although the names are similar, the two bodies are completely different! Whereas, GamStop is a programme in which the player joins to exclude himself from all British gambling portals for a period ranging from 6 months to 5 years. During this period the player cannot return to play at all.

However, according to https://justuk.club/ site, this service is not flexible! Because many players thought they have an addiction, then later they discover that they are not! When they want to come back to play again, they cannot! In this case, the only way is to enjoy playing in the casinos outside GamStop.

As for Game Care, it works as a doctor! It provides support to addicted gamblers, educates players about addiction problems, and integrates with casinos to implement anti addiction policies.

Why do casinos need Game Care approval?

There is no legal condition on the British casinos to integrate with Game Care. Although the UKGC has required British casinos to integrate with GamStop! However, obtaining Game Care approval indicates that the casino follows the customer protection protocols.

Although it is not a condition, casinos are competing to obtain it. They proudly indicate it on the (About us) page as proof of their strong renown! Aside from being useful to the casino. This approval is also important for raising standards for online gambling and providing a safe atmosphere for players.


Game Care works to meet the interests of players and casinos! As it educates players about the dangers of gambling addiction. Treats addicted players. Raises the renown of casinos that integrate with it! For that, there are a lot of casinos asking to cooperate with this company to provide a safe atmosphere for players.

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