What Makes A Great Casino Bonus?

casino bonus

In the online gambling industry, really good bonuses are one of the things that contribute towards helping to set an online casino apart from its competition. It is fair to say that there are many different aspects that make a great casino bonus, especially with there being more online casinos now than ever before.

Every casino site is always looking at ways that they can try and improve their bonuses, in order to attempt to set themselves apart from their competition, and as a result, always attempt to experiment with what they feel are more unique bonus offers.

Below, we have explored all of the different things that help to make a great casino bonus, so it is worth looking out for these when you are considering which online casino to sign up to!

Non-deposit bonuses

Although these are starting to become a lot harder to find, they do still exist, so it is always worth looking around. These online casino bonuses are popular because it means that players do not need to part with any money when they sign up to an online casino, in order to receive a bonus. However, compared to deposit bonuses, the amount you receive is likely to be a nominal amount in the region of £5. Meanwhile, you can find a list of the best casino bonuses here, so it is worth checking to see if any appeal to you!

Free Spins

Online casino bonuses that include free spins are always attractive to players, because essentially if you are successful with any of these you can end up winning a substantial amount.

There might be some wagering requirements attached to these, such as you only being allowed to use these free spins on a particular slot, so it is always worth reading the terms and conditions. Also, there might be a limit on how much you can make with free spins, however, this could be advantageous when it comes to building up your bankroll. In addition, it is worth making sure that any bonus that appeals to you is offered by a casino site which is regulated by a governing body, such as the UKGC.

30 Day Bonus Terms

All casino site vary from the perspective that you have a certain amount of time in order to fulfill your bonus. While some casino sites might have a 14 day limit to use your bonus, others might have a more favourable 30 day period. This is great because it offers more flexibility and you are not necessarily pressured to use it all at once.

Attractive Games to use it on

It could also be the case that some casino sites stipulate that you need to use your bonus on a certain slot game. In some cases, this can hinder the player, however, it could well be a game that really appeals to you and as a result, you have free credit to wager and try to build up your bankroll while enjoying your favourite casino game.

Free entry into a tournament

This could be the case for the bigger casino sites who might offer this incentive as a way of trying to differentiate themselves from their competition and try and attract more players. It is likely that this will be an entry into an online poker tournament where you receive enough credit which might last a couple of hands in the worse case scenario, before you have to make a deposit. However, if you win a couple of hands, it could significantly increase your chances of winning, or at least delay the time that you need to make a deposit.


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