What Makes a Reliable and Trustworthy Slot Review?

What Makes a Reliable and Trustworthy Slot Review?

There’s no denying that reviews have a tremendous impact on consumers, as they are believed to be professional and honest reviews that you can trust.

According to BrightLocal’s Local Consumer Review Survey, 79% of 18 to 34-year-old customers trust online reviews just as much as personal recommendations essentially meaning that they trust the word of a professional stranger just as much as a close friend.

This is why it’s vital to make sure that reviews are trustworthy and reliable. In terms of the iGaming community, players look towards reviews to determine if an online slot is worth their time and money. It’s even more crucial that affiliates give honest reviews rather than biased ones that just consider their profits. 

Whilst this may work out in the short term, players aren’t stupid and will notice that they are being manipulated. To build confidence from the players, affiliates need to establish their reviews as reliable by following a few simple steps.

Honest opinions

This may sound like the easiest thing to do – yet many reviews are guided by the mentality of profit rather than the reviewer’s honest opinion. At Slot Gods, one of the leading sources of independent bias-free online slot reviews, the reviewers thoroughly test and play each of the online slots that they review and ensure they have fully experienced the slot in terms of all the features and mechanics. They have over 500 slot reviews with each of them being played by online enthusiasts who want to deliver the most honest reviews.

They are dedicated to making their own judgements guided by their opinions rather than what other affiliates have written. If they dislike a slot, then they’ll inform the reader of their experience rather than changing their opinion to fit the online consensus. There is no issue with disliking or enjoying a slot, but the review must be based on the writers’ opinion and experience instead of someone else’s viewpoint.

Researching the facts

After gathering an opinion on the slot through actually playing it, it’s time to ensure that the facts and figures are accurate. Reviews must be accurate and valid to ensure that you build up the reader’s trust. Someone can read a review and blindly follow the opinion presented, only to realise that they were misled such as believing the win potential was greater than it actually is. This can completely shatter their trust and confidence in the brand, therefore ignoring any further reviews.

One clear way to avoid this is to make sure that details aren’t taken from other affiliate sites and reviewers. Slot Gods highly recommend that reviewers check the developer’s website for a press release or a post about the new slot to ensure that the data is accurate. There are even websites dedicated to online slot assets and information with First Look Games being a prime example. Some of the facts, such as RTP, can even be found in the game information of the slot itself.

Detailed structure

An easy way to make reviews more dependable is to go into extensive detail to prove that the reviewers know exactly what they are talking about. The team at Slot Gods have a detailed structure breaking down the different elements of the slot such as features, design and even the win potential. This ultimately helps players jump to certain bits of information that they want to find out and provides extensive but relevant details to the reader. 

Short reviews are often dismissed and seen as undependable due to the lack of details on the slot. It raises the question of how can someone agree with someone’s review of a slot if they’ve ignored key things? Therefore, to be reliable and trustworthy, these reviews need to have substance and deliver all of the relevant information.


Making reliable and trustworthy slot reviews isn’t actually that difficult to create. In all honesty, unscrupulous reviews are often the product of laziness or to generate profit rather than being authentic and truthful. Players aren’t stupid and will stop coming to your site if the reviews aren’t up to a decent standard.

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