When is a Casino Bonus Too Good to be True?

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Avoiding Online Casino Bonus Pitfalls

The best international casinos offer no deposit promos and other bonuses in plentiful supply, but the Romans were right when they said caveat emptor (buyer beware). If you’re worried about potential problems with offers or want to find the best online casinos, just read on to set your mind at ease.

Find the Best International Casinos First

Bonus hunters can find great international casinos from every corner of the globe that offer fantastic no deposit and other promotions. Just consult this list of best global casinos rated by casino players to select your preferred site, and start taking advantage of the no deposit promotions offered by the best international casinos. A variety of currency and deposit options will be provided, and multi-software developer sites can boast hundreds or sometimes thousands of slot games to get you going, whether that’s with your own money or free spins. Prefer old school classics? Poker, blackjack, roulette, and other table games remain staples of the online betting world, with both regular and live versions easily accessible. The competitive nature of the casino industry means that pretty much every site offers welcome bonuses, and most are now fully mobile integrated. It’s never been more convenient to give online betting and no deposit bonuses a try.

Meeting Wagering Requirements

Wagering requirements are one of the most common conditions attached to casino bonuses. It’s very rare to find a promotion that doesn’t have any type of wagering requirement because none at all means a player can simply withdraw the bonus cash immediately, at zero risk. Casino bonuses can sometimes be generous but it’s not hard to see why online betting sites are less than keen to throw money away like this. The wagering requirement is the minimum total sum that must be wagered prior to a bonus and associated winnings being withdrawn. A decent average is around 30x the value of a promotion. Significantly higher than this is much worse (some promotions have requirements of 200x the bonus value, which is absolutely horrendous).

Why does a higher wagering requirement make a seemingly good bonus so bad? Two factors: time and chance. It’s pretty obvious that, all else being equal, a wagering requirement of 60x takes twice as long to satisfy as one of 30x. More important is the chance, specifically the higher the requirement the longer the odds of finishing ahead. Just about every game has a house edge. Higher wagering requirements decrease your chance of finishing in the black and take longer to fulfil. A $30 free cash promo with a 30x requirement may well be better than a $50 free cash promo with a 60x requirement.

Troublesome Withdrawals

There’s a wide variety of personal finance options available at most online casinos, with Visa and Mastercard, numerous e-wallets, bank transfers and pre-paid methods amongst the most popular, with cryptocurrency also being increasingly listed as a choice. Sometimes bonuses have a particular funding method requirement, which is usually clearly indicated and nothing to worry about. However, withdrawal of bonus money can sometimes be more difficult than it should be. If a specific banking method is necessary but not clearly indicated in the terms and conditions, that can be a problem.

Perhaps of greater concern are sites that are either unscrupulous or lax, content to take deposits but altogether slower when it comes to paying out. In addition to time, most sites have low or no withdrawal fees, but some may apply higher costs, eroding the value of bonus money yet further. Worst of all are those that simply don’t pay out. Luckily, this sort of obstacle can be easily evaded by quickly checking online to ensure a given betting site hasn’t acquired a malign reputation.

Globally, online gambling is on a rapid rise, with growth forecast from $58.9bn in 2019 to $66.7bn in 2020. This continues a pre-existing trend of growth, but has undoubtedly been increased by the pandemic and ensuing lockdowns which have both reduced other leisure activities whilst dramatically increasing leisure time. This also means there’s no shortage of great online casinos so don’t throw your money away playing at a dubious site.

Minimum Deposit Thresholds

Some bonuses do require a specific minimum deposit to be activated. These can include deposit matching, or free spins/cash, whereby a deposit of, say $20 in the last week might yield 10 free spins. Deposit $10 and you get nothing. Likewise, if transferring cash for a deposit match bonus read the terms and conditions carefully to ensure you deposit and activate the bonus in the right order, otherwise you might end up missing out.

Assessing Licensing Arrangements

The importance of a solid licensing arrangement is an essential factor that applies to all aspects of casino playing, including bonuses. There are plenty of trustworthy international regulators, with some of the best being the United Kingdom, Gibraltar, and Malta. Luckily, finding out where a site is registered isn’t usually difficult. Most of the best international casinos have the information clearly presented at the base of every page. The absence of licensing arrangement information here is a big alarm bell, and if there’s no info anywhere then that should be considered a major red flag. Licensing arrangements are strong indicators of how trustworthy an online betting website is. If there isn’t any, then the casino could easily screw you over, taking your money if you lose and refusing to pay out if you win.

Meeting Time Limits

For the most part, these pose no difficulty at all. Every promo has a time limit but they’re usually very generous. However, it’s as well to check the detail just to make sure you don’t end up falling foul of a deadline, and to be confident that you aren’t being given either a ridiculously tight time limit or a combination of difficult conditions (a tight time limit is especially bad when coupled with a massive wagering requirement).

There are a lot of great online casino bonuses to take advantage of, with no deposit free spins/cash being especially well-suited to newcomers. Always remember to check the fine print, and double check that the site you’re considering is one you can trust.

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