Why is Casino Design So Important in Hollywood Movies and in the Real World?

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Casinos are often encountered in numerous Hollywood creations, in almost every genre, from action to drama, fantasy, or comedies. The casino’s interior design is used to depict a specific situation, such as the ones that can be seen in Las Vegas to portray fortune, luxury, fun, and excess. On the other hand, there are other types of casinos, like an illegal backroom casino filled with top criminals and questionable characters.

Needless to say, fantastic interior design is crucial to a casino, in movies and in real life as well, being one of the major characteristics to influence profitability.

Casino interior design in the real world

The interior design of a casino is even more important in real life, compared to a few casino scenes in a movie, that maybe filmed from the right angle and with some special effects added can seem to look even greater than the ones in Las Vegas.

Here, the design needs to fit most players’ needs in order to attract and keep members loyal. This is strongly linked to psychology and the way customers are generally acting in a casino.

You have certainly heard about some techniques used for this goal, such as the lack of clocks and windows, along with a specific alluring scent, so the players can lose track of time playing slot machines, Roulette or Blackjack tables and be subconsciously drawn by the particular aroma of the casino. The gambling house identifies three primary clients:

The casino must take action and work to satisfy every type of player in order to be able to keep their business alive and prosperous.

One Casino to Rule Them All

Gaming Design by Bill Friedman

Some of the most famous groups of casino interior design principles were created by Bill Friedman and shared in his book named “Designing casinos to dominate competition”. According to Friedman’s idea, the casino design should be centered around a labyrinth-like dark interior with a lack of décor and low ceilings. Some examples of his principles are:

  • Gambling machines placed next to entrances outdoes unoccupied entrance landings and empty lobbies;
  • A maze layout will be better than long, wide, and straight aisles or passageways;
  • Low ceilings over high ceilings;
  • Pathways highlighting the gambling equipment are preferred over the yellow brick road.

In case you have visited a hotel where the casino started as soon as you’ve set foot in, with low ceilings, a layout that always leads back to the casino, and little decor besides the gambling equipment, then you’ve seen Friedman’s gaming design.

Playground Design

However, Friedman’s principles have been mostly replaced, broken, and turned around, which is usually referred to as “playground design”. The new strategy of Roger Thomas allows in the natural light, opens up space, focuses on more than just gambling equipment, and gives up the maze-like floors.

Roger Thomas explained to The New Yorker that customers do not desire to make bets in an environment where they could feel trapped, confused, and overwhelmed. That is not what a casino owner should provide to its customers.

Thomas and his partner Wynn worked on the presumption that the players will be more likely to make big, risky bets in a safe and relaxing atmosphere, rather than catch them in a slot machine web that provides an overwhelming, anxious feeling.

Thomas also added that the player will feel glamorous in a glamorous space and rich in a space alike. Who doesn’t want to feel rich?

Furthermore, various teams from different universities have conducted experiments, comparing Thomas’ playground and Friedman’s gaming design. In the end, the playground was rated much higher every single time.

Maze Vs. Playground

How about online casinos?

The world of online casinos should not be left out either. There is an extremely big number of them on the market, each trying to offer what a player nowadays needs, including top titles from the most renowned game suppliers.

In reality, most of them have very similar game selections and the only things that can make a difference are the user interface design, user-friendly platform, bonuses, and loyalty programs.

An attractive, well-designed website will get more customers to sign in and shall keep the players for a longer time, not just one session, but multiple.

In conclusion, the casino design is of the utmost importance, whether it’s in Las Vegas, on a Hollywood movie set, or in the online world. Even though Bill Friedman’s principles could be outdated and replaced by Roger Thomas’ playground, they were both successful at the right time.


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