Will the UIGEA Bill Come Under Review?

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Recently the US House Oversight Committee’s Chairman Darrell Issa asked businesses to submit their opinions on how laws that are hindering growth in the USA can be changed for the better. One of the first opinions submitted deals directly with the UIGEA bill. The Safe and Secure Internet Gambling Initiative described to the Chairman how the cost of this bill to the US is in the millions and has hindered job growth by the tens of thousands. The government would earn billions of dollars in tax revenue if the UIGEA bill was replaced with online regulation and legalization of online gambling which by the way has been brought up numerous times in the past but was received by deaf ears.

The “SSIGI” also wrote in their letter to the Chairman to take a long look at information on various government regulations that have a negative impact on job growth. The opportunity for thousands of jobs in the US should not be over looked as it has been by the federal government with the unlawful internet gambling bill. A bill, which has not slowed down the online gambling industry in the United States, but instead driven it and its players farther underground where there is no player safety net or legal help when needed.

The banking sector which bears the brunt of the UIGEA bill’s responsibilities have voiced their disapproval of this useless law because it is impossible for them to police the entire internet and it is unreasonable for the federal government to expect them to. Even though Chairman Issa was one of the Republicans that voted for the UIGEA bill, it seems that he is now taking a second look at the job growth in the USA and may or may not be for the repeal of this useless law.

By Patricia C. Senior Editor casinoplayersreport.com


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