Will the U.S. Recession Affect Online Casinos in 2009?


Online Casino RecessionWith all the latest gloom and doom spreading around it’s hard to imagine that 2009 will get any better. The brick and mortar Las Vegas casinos are already reporting a major slowdown in profits. People are losing their jobs and homes at alarming rates. But what about the online casinos? How are they going to do in the year 2009?

My prediction is that they will do exceptionally well. Why? Well from what I’m hearing is that things that comfort people always do well in a bad economy. Liquor sales are up 33% from Dec 2007. Lottery sales go up when household incomes go down.

If  Las Vegas is reporting record losses its not hard to understand why. People can’t afford to go out anymore. Especially if it means buying an airplane ticket and hotel costs. So I’m predicting that people that usually play at the brick and mortar casino will opt out for a lottery ticket, a glass of wine and an hour or so at their favorite online casino.

It just makes more sense and if people will do a little online research they will know what casinos won’t be ripping them off. Of course if your reading this your one of the smart ones that’s already ahead of the game. Our Approved Online Casino List will help you start 2009 off right.

If you’re a U.S. player our U.S. approved casino list is listed HERE for your convenience.

Our U.S. online casino picks for the new year is Cherry Red Casino and Sloto Cash Casino. Both outstanding and very trusted casinos. We have great relationships with the management and that means that if you ever have an issue with one of our approved casinos we will help get things resolved… Guaranteed!


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