Would You Vote For Lesniak as New Jersey's New Governor?


Ray Lesniak, One of New Jersey’s Biggest Supporters for Online Gambling Looking May Run for Governor in 2017 as Chris Christie’s Time Comes to an End

Would You Vote For Lesniak as New Jersey's New Governor?If you’re familiar with the online gambling industry in New Jersey, then you are familiar with Senator Ray Lesniak. Lesniak is one of the biggest supporters in the garden state and is currently still one of the main supporters behind legalization in the state of igaming. He is referred to as feisty, yet respected for his successful drives for the states gambling market.

His skills he displays, or has displayed for years with political debates and litigation’s were finally accepted by current governor Chris Christie. Christie’s governor role ends in 2017 and Lesniak is the man that is not only thinking about filling the role but may be just the guy that does so.

Lesniak says one of the main reasons he is seriously thinking about running for governor is because the state is in desperate need of an effective leadership in all areas of interest. Lesniak is well qualified for the new job with more than 37 years under his belt in the state’s Legislature. If appointed he will further the state’s online gambling sub-frame to become a global hub with tax revenues, investments and plenty of jobs to the state.

Lesniak also said that,

“Bringing in additional revenues is a big part of that, and I’ve made clear my belief that there’s money going outside the state for illegal offshore gambling that I want to bring back in the state.”



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