Friday, April 9, 2021

Casino Complaint Reports

The below Casino Complaint Reports are compiled from all the online casino complaints we’ve received over the years.

When a player complaint is received, we first decide if it’s valid. We do this by judging the content and manor of the email (among other things). For example, we check to see if the casino is already a blacklisted casino. Blacklisted casinos rarely respond to our complaints. And if they do, it’s usually the same lies they are telling their players.

The Casino Complaint Reports are never written without contacting the casino first. We (and the casinos) prefer to discuss these complaints privately. If the casino chooses to ignore the complaint, we then proceed to write up the complaint report.

If the casino responds to the issue this is usually a good sign that they would like to discuss resolving the complaint. Although this does not always fall in favor of the player.

We are not in the business of bashing online casinos. Always be truthfully and detailed when filing a complaint.

Avoid - VERY Rude Customer Service

Avoid – VERY Rude Customer Service

We received this chat transcript from a player (or potential player) at or Bingo Hall. It is possibly the rudest customer service rep...
Bitstarz Casino Complaint

Bitstarz Player Complaint – Resolved

We received a payout complaint from a player at Bitstarz Casino a couple weeks ago and after working with Bitstarz on resolving this issue,...
aussie play casino

Aussie Play Casino Complaint – Resolved

We had a payout complaint come in from a player at Aussie Play Casino. This is one of our approved casinos from the group...
BondiBet Casino Complaint Payout Complaint – Resolved

We received a complaint from a player at Bondibet Casino about the casino's non payment of their winnings. Complaint: I played many free spins that I...
Mighty Slots Casino Complaint - Blacklisted

Mighty Slots Casino Complaint – Blacklisted

Mighty Slots - Unresolved (BLACKLISTED) Reason Why Nothing new here folks... Player is owed $2500 and as usual Mighty Slots will not pay.
Plenty Jackpots Casino – Blacklisted

Plenty Jackpots Casino – Blacklisted

Plenty Jackpots – Unresolved (BLACKLISTED) Reason Why A simple Google search on Plenty Jackpots would've saved this player a lot of grief. Unfortunately nobody...
silver oak casino complaint

Silver Oak Casino Complaint – Resolved

We received another complaint about about Silver Oak Casino on Jan 18th 2018. After contacting Silver Oak about the payout issue they promised us...
Grand Fortune Casino Dispute - Resolved

Grand Fortune Casino Dispute – Resolved

Grand Fortune Casino Dispute - Resolved The player came to us with this complaint... Message: I have opt in to try the No deposit Bonus 133 free...
Zodiac Casino Complaint

Zodiac Casino Complaint – Resolved

This player at Zodiac Casino asked us for help in finding out why his casino account had been locked. Player Complaint: I requested withdrawal of winnings...
Gambling Addiction

We Cannot Recover Gambling Losses if You Have a Gambling Addiction

We receive numerous complaints from players that would like all their deposits back from online casinos because they have stated they have a gambling...

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