Payout Complaint – Resolved

BondiBet Casino Complaint

We received a complaint from a player at Bondibet Casino about the casino’s non payment of their winnings.


I played many free spins that I was sent for some time, my account was $0.00, I made a deposit of $25, refused the bonus. I won over $300, and cashed out $220. It took 3 weeks, and sending in my documents 3 times to get approved, then my $220 was reduced to $100, they refused to provide a reason (email proof) then proceeded to cancel my account (email proof).

We tried to contact’s customer support and our first email was ignored. We then sent a second email out explaining to them that if they did not respond, we will assume that the player’s complaint is valid and that Bondibet has scammed the player out of their winnings.

After sending the second email, we received an immediate reply for the casino. The manager told us that all is good and that the player has now been paid.

Bondibet’s Response:

Hello Rick,

Thank you for reaching out to us!

We have studied the case and are glad to say that we have paid the full amount of 220 to the player. The money was sent in two separate transactions, one initial of 100 and a second one of 120.

Should you require any additional information about this case, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Kind regards,

We contacted the player and they confirmed that they had been paid by the casino but that their account was still closed.

Players Reply:

Yes they did indeed send it out, thanks for the help, it’s a shame this casino chooses to operate in this manner, their cancelling my account seems to be a blessing.  Thanks again, keep up the good work.

We asked the casino why the players account had been terminated and this is the reply we received…

Hi Rick,

Sorry about the late reply. I hope this email finds you well.

The account has been closed as per management decision following a review of the account, as per the following rule:
2.6.4. The Company reserves the right to cancel the User’s Account for any reason whatsoever, at any time, without notice.

The Security team has confirmed that the member has been paid all winnings in full as per the Terms and Conditions of the site:

2.6.2. In the event of the termination of a User’s Account, a User shall be permitted to withdraw any balances after deduction of withdrawal fees and bonus balances.
2.6.3. All payments shall be remitted to the User within 5-7 business days following the User’s request.

Should you need any further information, please do not hesitate to let me know.

Rule 2.6.4 is, for a lack of words, a bullshit term. At least Bondibet allows their players to withdrawal any balances they have at the casino if their account gets canceled. It should however be a reminder for players to read all the terms and conditions of a casino before signing up and depositing real money.


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