Golden Lady Casino Payout Complaint– Resolved

Golden Lady Casino Payout Complaint– Resolved

resolved  Golden Lady Casino Payout Complaint– Resolved

We received the below complaint from a player at Golden Lady Casino that had 3 payouts pending…



I have problems with 3 payouts in Golden Lady Casino.

24 Juni 735,-EURO

25 Juni 520 EURO

30 Juni 640 EURO-

The Withdrawal from the 735 and the 640 EURO are winnings from a Deposit with Bonus.

I meet corekt the wager and all is ok.

The 520 EURO Withdrawal is from my Comps.Winnings. I had 42 EURO in Comps and play with that and wining the 520 EURO. Later the Live help say i can only Withdrawal the 42 EURO. Thats ok for me, but i can�t reserve this Withdrawal. It is prozessesd, so i hopedthe financeteam clear that.And Yesterday, they say i need to send a Bill again.

I�m playing ofer 18 Months in this Casino, and i had more than 10 Withdrawals, always with the same Neteller Account, and never Problems, but now they do not pay me over 14 Days now.

I send a lot of Emails to support, financeteam etc. and i send the bill yesterday to the support, but nothing. Today the LiveChat close too.

So i need help to get my regul�r winnings from 735 and 640 Euro.

Can you help me plz??? i do not no what i can do.

e you understand me, my english not well.

We contacted Golden Lady Casino about this issue and as usual they did not reply. For this reason we do not recommend playing at Golden Lady but to their credit the player was paid their winnings shortly after we contacted the casino. Not sure if we had anything to do with that but at least the player was paid and that’s the most important thing…

Hi Rick,

i get all my 3 Withdrawals today!!!

Tyvm for your help!!!


Rick Norris is the originating founder Casino Players Report. For over 20 years he has helped players avoid online casino scams. In the process, he has helped recover hundreds of thousands of dollars in player winnings.


  1. Hi please can you help me. I have been speaking to james on golden lady casino and quite frankly he is messing about. He has not giving me any hope of get

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