Las Atlantis Casino Complaint – Resolved

las atlantis casino

We received the below complaint from a player at Las Atlantis Casino about the casino’s delay in pushing through his KYC (know your customer) documents…

The casino has not accepted by validation forms for withdrawals. I originally sent documents on January 2. The website said they would be worked in 3 business days. No activity until January 12 when I got an email asking for another document. I sent it right away. There has been no activity since then. I have asked by chat 2-3 times and the responses say there will be service, but none so far.

We contacted Las Atlantis Casino and of course they got back to us (as they always do) in less that 24 hrs. with an apology for the delay. Las Atlantis Casino is a great place to play and are one of the top casinos on our trusted casino listings page.

They have been a little bit backed up lately because of their popularity but things are already getting back to normal.

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  1. You really should stop telling people on your site that Las Atlantis is best number one online casino! They are a scam! I gamble at a lot of online sites and seen a lot of second hand dirty crap but I read your reviews and decided to try it and deposited 60 and used a welcome bonus and got lucky and hit over 6000 but I knew from terms I read that I could only cash out 30x my deposit so that was suppose to be 1800. Then I went threw every hoop they could come up with every 3 days to get my account verified which I understand then ask if my Bitcoin is static lol another 3 day wait, it’s ridiculous how they draw that out. Then I finally got verified gotta wait another 3 days (excluding weekends) and then I was approved then another 3 days then it was accepted but only for 300 and they put the other 1300 back on my play account and I ask in chat and they said we have right to pay out in Payments read your terms, I said I saw where if it was over 2500 then I would have to but not 1600 and not so low of payments. They were not helpful just sent pre ready answers and now I’m waiting my 3 more days to see if I even see 300 in my Bitcoin account. And I ask when or if I was gonna be able to get rest and told to read the terms and conditions..what terms and conditions? My withdraw was approved! Then only sent 300. So how can you keep promoting them as legit and people read all that and trust the site. I would have deposited more I usually play 100- 200 a week I just was trying them out and got lucky or so I thought lol. If you can help me I would appreciate it. When I loose I don’t mind loosing but when I win I want my money or I might as well play the free version!


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