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We received a complaint about document verification from a player at Las Atlantis a few weeks ago. Here is the complaint:

I have had no luck in obtaining validation of my account after 4 attempts with the staff at las atlantis.
I first submitted the card validation form, the bank account validation form, and the requested supporting documents (photos of ID, photos of credit cards, and a utility bill) by email to the specified address on June 28. On July 1, they wrote back claiming that certain information was missing. I then revised the forms, and resubmitted the form and supporting materials on the same day, July 1. I sent the materials that were requested twice on July 1 – a corrected version of the original and a newly completed set of forms. I did this to make sure that there was no problem or confusion. These submissions provided all of the information they said that they needed to confirm the account. I then tried several times to get confirmation that they had what was needed by reaching out via chat. The people on the chat were not able to resolve any issues or provide clarity on when the issue could be resolved or even if they had what was needed.
On July 2, they reached out and falsely claimed that what I had submitted was incomplete. The email claimed, falsely, that the routing number and swift code were not provided. I sent them the forms yet again pointing out that all of this information had been sent previously.
They then went silent for days.
On July 6, 2021 I received an email in which they claimed that I had not sent the right routing number. Of course this statement was false. I sent them the forms again and pointed out that the routing number was provided.
Then, on July 7, 2021 another email falsely claiming that they had not received what was needed arrived. This email asked me to confirm the account, routing number and other banking information that had been provided to them on 4 separate occasions. I responded by confirming this information and asking for them to confirm that the account was validated. As of today there is no response or confirmation.
It’s clear that the practice of Las Atlantis is to delay and obstruct the payout of money by making the validation process as complex and difficult as possible. Even when people provide ALL the information and documentation requested on multiple occasions, the practice of Las Atlantis is to simply claim – falsely – that something was omitted and ask for a resubmission. They then wait days to respond and when they finally respond they invent false reasons for not approving the validation. The effect is to postpone = in this case for weeks – the ability of the player to withdraw funds.
It feels as though based on my experience and from what i understand of the experience of others that this entity is an unethical operation that is simply trying to extract money from people without any intention of paying out winnings.
I am hoping that with your help I can expose these unethical and illegal practices and pressure this entity into paying what they owe me.

We reached out to Las Atlantis Casino and they were very quick to reply:

Hi Rick,

Hope you are doing well.
I’ve been in touch with the billing team and they notified me that the verification documents have been approved and that the payout request has been successfully submitted by the player. There might have been an error message if our player tried to request more than $2500 (as this is a max amount to be requested per week).

As for the verification of the documents it might be taking longer in case any documents are missing from the beginning or some info on the forms is mentioned in the wrong fields which requires those to be fixed to become valid. 

I appreciate your help on this matter. Please let me know if I can help you with anything else. 


We contacted the player with this information and we are happy to report that the issue has been resolved:

Dear Rick,

Your guidance to be patient turned out to be entirely correct.  I am pleased to report receipt of the requested payout.  I deeply appreciate your assistance on this.

Best Regards,

Rick Norris is the originating founder of Casino Scam Report ( which has now been rebranded to Casino Players Report. For over 18 years he has helped players avoid online casino scams. In the process, he has helped recover hundreds of thousands of dollars for players.


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