Pokiez Casino Complaint and Warning

pokiez casino scam

A player filed a complaint about Pokiez.com

Pokiez casino successfully allowed me to withdraw $2000 and then after all the documents were uploaded, said there support team made a mistake. There were two emails sent for a successful withdrawal of $1300 and $700. all documents were validated and approved. also there was $468.00 credit left on my casino account.
I have made several attempts contact them about this matter and the are now refusing to respond to my emails. I have tried to contact them on [email protected] they said that the their team made a mistake and l was not meant to be able to place a bet over $8 and l was betting $10 but l was not meant to be able to then how was l? they took all funds away and gave me $20 in the casino account. Please is there anything l can do about this? Sincerely Jacqui

We looked at Pokiez.com terms and conditions and couldn’t find any rule for the $8 max bet.

We contacted Pokiez Casino and as of this post the casino has not responded to this complaint.

We advise our website visitors to avoid Pokiez.com at this time. If you deposit money and win, we have no way of helping you recover your money if they choose to not pay.


  1. How would I recover my gaming account? when I log-in my account says “this account has been closed”

    Please advice.

    Thank you.


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