Read the Terms and Conditions of the Casino!

terms and conditions

As our website visitors probably know, we get a lot of complaints about casinos not paying out. Most of the complaints could’ve been avoided just by simply reading the casinos terms and conditions before depositing.

Aside from the term about only one player per household, one of the biggest complaints has to do with the amount players are spending when they bet. In other words, the Max Bet limit.

The max bet limit refers to how high of a monetary amount you are allowed to bet on one single hand (or spin at the slots). It’s usually between $5 and $10 dollars. If the casino states in their terms and conditions that the highest a player is allowed to bet on a single hand or spin is $8 that means that if you bet $9 dollars and win, chances are you are not getting your payout.

We hear it times and time again from players. If this happens there is nothing we can do. When the terms are broke then that is that. Rarely have we seen a casino reverse their decision on this rule.

The player is 100% responsible for reading the terms and conditions of the casino they are depositing at. If you choose not to read the T&C’s and you break the rules, you have no recourse when it comes to getting your big (or small) winnings.


  1. I put 100-00 and received a bonus I played the playthrough amount and won $5000 which I withdrew but they rejected and gave back my $100 original deposit
    They did not rein out the 5000 I won so I can play through if it was incorrect they took it away and only gave me the original 100
    They said that I had played over $8 and voided the $5000. That I breached their Players code by spending more the 8-00 in a bet.
    Because I used around $41-00 over the $8 bet they refused to return the $5000
    This is illegal I think to get out of paying without explaining and refunding the won back to me

  2. Pokiez casino successfully allowed me to withdraw $2000 and then after all the documents were uploaded, said there support team made a mistake. There were two emails sent for a successful withdrawal of $1300 and $700. all documents were validated and approved. also there was $468.00 credit left on my casino account.
    I have made several attempts contact them about this matter and the are now refusing to respond to my emails. I have tried to contact them on [email protected]. they said that the their team made a mistake and l was not meant to be able to place a bet over $8 and l was betting $10 but l was not meant to be able to then how was l? they took all funds away and gave me $20 in the casino account. Please is there anything l can do about this?

  3. Hello, I would like to make a complaint about
    They canceled my withdrawal saying that I didn’t follow the General Bonus terms. I was buying bonuses on some slots and then they said it’s against TOS, no real explanation just that I don’t follow the TOS, but in the Terms of Services it didn’t say that it’s against it. My max bet was 1.2EUR and the maximum that you can bet with the bonus is 5EUR.

  4. Here is another example of a player losing their winnings because they over the max bet limit ($8 on this particular casino).

    Hi there i had a big win on pokie spins i pulled 23.000 but when i tryed to with draw thay stuffed me around for a few weeks and then took it and gave me 100 that’s what i diposited. When questioned them thay said i was betting to high i could only bet $8 not $10 .there was no $ 8 bet to begin with it was $7 then $10 and if your not aloud to bet big you can’t change bet untill bonuse is over. But i could change it and the wagger had finished so how can they take this k8nd regards jason


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