Zar Online Casino Complaint – Resloved

Zar Casino Complaint

We received the below Zar Online Casino complaint a few weeks ago and we are happy to say that the complaint has now been resolved and the player at Zar Casino has been paid in full.

This casino refuses to give me the winning i won and refuses to give me answers why it is not paid. They just keep ordering me to email them proof of my bitcoin wallet reflecting no funds have come in. This has been going on since the 5th February 2020.
Please assist me in getting what is due to me being the amounts i won on their site.

We received back this reply from Zar Online Casino:
Hi Rick
I hope you are doing well. Thank you for your email and taking the time to reach out ZAR Casino in order to resolve this amicably. 

Apologies for the late response, but we have been dealing with this query, directly with the client, on a daily basis. Information has been free flowing between us and at no stage have we not responded or liaised with our client. 

We have provided proof of payment made from our Bitcoin Wallet account to the clients’ Bitcoin Wallet account. We have requested proof (Screen shots) of his Wallet that reflects no receipt of these funds. We are currently working with our client to resolve this. We are a reputable group and will always honor any withdrawal that was made provided it complied with our Terms and Conditions. Our clients’ withdrawal was honored in full and we will continue to assist him in ensuring this matter is resolved to his satisfaction.

Please get in touch with me if you have any further questions.

Kind regards

We showed this reply to the player and it looks like everything is getting worked out with the casino.

Player Response:
Hi Rick
I have no idea what you said to them . But thank you so much you are a miracle worker..

They spoke crap to me for days , now I can say they are responding.

ST managed to get his colleague  to phone me now at 6pm  and stated they will be crediting my account with the full amount. They will send me an email confirming the credit back in the casino account.

Then I can with draw it back to my normal bank account. And I should just use this payment form going forward as they still do not know what happened to their transfer via bit coin. They are still investigating.

They told me they had processing problem and are going to credit my casino account with the full R630.00.

ST and the manager seem polite and decent.

So I have no complaint on him or his colleague as they are at least responding back to me and have now decided to resolve the issue.

And lastly we just received notice that the player’s money arrived in his account.

Players Latest Reply:
Hi Rick,
Just wanted to thank you again. I received the money today in my bank account at last.


Thank you again for all your assistance.

Kind Regards





  1. Hi Rick I hope you able to help me.

    A few ago ZAR CASINO took almost R600 out of my account without my permission. I’ve contacted my bank and they say that ZAR casino does have. I desperately need that funds back I’ve been emailing back and forth and they are refusing. My email address is [email protected]

  2. Wel I’m not happy they keep sending h mail of u will receive this and that bonus if u dep money and after h do dep money no bonus after a struggle u get a crap bonus 100 spin but 1 spin =0.30 cent its teribble all lies that they promise big scam they running

  3. Good day, yes it seems like ZAR casino is a scam because I deposit money, had some winnings but when I tried to withdraw there is forever an active bonus preventing me from doing it. I contacted support numerous times but no response. I contacted live chat and Rose there told me she canceled all pending bonuses but she didn’t do that. I took screenshots from all my conversations with her Rose at ZAR casino live chat.

    I too have 2 payouts pending and they are not responding to my emails.
    The online chat now says that my account will be closed, because I had a previous account! I created a new account because I forgot all my login details for the previous account.
    I have queried and queried and receive no response.

  5. This is supposed to be the best online casino aimed at and for South Africa – must be because they are as corrupt and fraudulent as the rest of the country…
    After redeeming a bonus, I met the play through requirements and then forfeited the bonus amount of R300…and went on to WIN R5000 which I tried withdrawing.
    I emailed them all required documents, I made a deposit as requested to ‘ACTIVATE’ my account (which in itself is stupid because how could I have played if my account wasn’t active…only to have R500 transferred to me 10 days after the withdrawal request. Where is the other R4500 and during this whole time, the live chat is useless and the support staff are just full of stories, one after another…it appears as if my email address is blocked as 3 emails have not been delivered…yet they keep sending me promotional things for more deposits…NOT A CHANCE!!!


  6. Same with me… I claimed R3000.00 on the Friday 28 Aug and it came off my ZAR account balance and i received a email requesting my banking details. I took a screenshot that i had no active bonus on my zar account. I have checked now the 01 Sep to see if they have transferered the money and noticed the R3000 is transfered back to my ZAR account AND the operator loaded R369.02 bonus on my account on the 31 Aug without me claiming any bonus or loading cash on my account! Operators useless and keep on telling me you have an active bonus. Who is in charge of ZAR Casino or where can this be reported. I have enough screenshots to proof my case. They fail to answer my emails.

  7. Hi it’s correct it seems this casino doesn’t pay out. I have about R136 000 in my account purely from winnings not from any deposit. So max withdraw is 5000 a week so yeah it will take time. I first requested a withdrawal on 10th December and now received an email saying i will only receive my first money on 4th January. In terms and conditions it states 3 -5 business days please help


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