Avoid Shufflemasterlive.com


This just in from Casinomeister:

Several weeks ago a player approached us with a problem regarding Shufflemasterlive.com where they had met all the requirements set by the casino, had seen their withdrawal approved … but no payment was made.

The player contacted the casino almost two dozen times and always received one of two responses: (a) “Sorry, technical problems. We’ll get back to you soon.” or (b) “Thank you for reporting the delay, we have sent your issue to the relevant department”. The end result was nothing: no payment, no follow-up, nada.

Once the player had filed their PAB with us we tried contacting the casino several times and always got reply (b), “Thank you … we have notified the relevant department” blah blah blah. In other words there is nobody home here. Either that or they’re simply ignoring customer issues. In any case …

Warning: Shufflemasterline.com is sending out very polite form letters and/or automated responses but the bottom line is that players are not being paid and player issues are not being addressed. Avoid this site!


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