Avoid Sierra Star Casino

Avoid Sierra Star Casino

This just in from Casinomeister:

We received a complaint where a player received a bonus offer, deposited and (eventually) received the bonus, played and tried to withdraw but was repeatedly asked for documents and then ignored completely. When we inquired on the player’s behalf we were told “we have received the complaint and rest assured that we will be on top of this case” after which nothing was ever heard again from either the casino or the player.

Warning: Sierra Star Casino is unresponsive to player complaints and may confiscate a player’s balance without explanation or recourse. In particular they are not willing to deal with us so they’re on their way to the “No Can Do” List. Players are advised to avoid Sierra Star Casino.


We’ve recently received another complaint from a casino in the Teller Processing Ltd (Cyprus) group of which Sierra Star is a member. So for now it’s heads-up on these casinos:

  • Sierra Star Casino
  • Royal Dice Casino
  • Giant Vegas Casino
  • Nuts Poker


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