Avoid Club Gold Casino – Payout Issues, Unresponsive Support

Avoid Club Gold Casino - Payout Issues, Unresponsive Support

We recently had a player come to us with a complaint about Club Gold Casino (www.clubgoldcasino.com). The player claims they are owed $620 AUD by the casino. After all documents were sent in by the player for a cashout, live support informed the player that his winnings were void. The reason Club Gold gave him, “he had played a restricted game using the bonus.

I searched Club Gold Casino’s bonus terms and all I could find was that automated blackjack was restricted. I asked the player if he had played any form of blackjack and he adamantly denies it.

I then contacted customer support about the issue to ask what games are restricted on bonus play and I received an email back saying that my email was forwarded to casino management and that they would be getting in touch with me soon. That never happened. A second email to support received basically the same response:

“I am sorry that you did not receive reply to your query. Please note that I have forwarded your query to our casino management”.

Again nothing.

The player was also told by the casino that he would be getting his initial deposit of $30 back and so far he only has received $10.

We are advising all players to avoid Club Gold Casino at this time for making excuses to not pay their players, lack of customer support on the issue and for not returning the player’s full deposit.


  1. Club Gold casino is a hoax i made it through my playthrough sent through my documents to be told i couldnt recieve my money because id played a restricted game what a joke they are a scam, after questioning them over it told them im gunna report them they closed my account DO NOT PLAY AT CLUB GOLD CASINO


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