E-Wallet Fraud, Depositing Using Someone Else’s Online Casino Wallet

E-Wallet Fraud, Depositing Using Someone Else's Online Casino Wallet

This past week we received a player complaint regarding non payment of $3,500.00 of winnings from an online casino. The player was offered a 400% bonus, he then deposited $100 and proceeded to play with $500. After meeting and surpassing the required play through requirement, which was 35 times deposit plus bonus, the player initiated the withdrawal process.

After submitting the required documents necessary for a withdrawal, the player received approval from the casino’s security department. A minimum of  $1,000 of the $3500 in winnings was credited to “HIS” Ecocard while the remaining balance would be approved for weekly payout of the $1,000 until the full amount was given.

Shortly after the first payment was approved however, the player then received an email noting a discrepancy from customer security. The email stated nothing more than “his player account has been permanently closed.

Here is the player’s concern’s sent to us via email:

As far as I know, I committed no discrepancies I have one credit card registered to my Eco account. I’ve been making transfers to “MY” Ecocard from my bank account, just to deposit at this casino to play. I’ve never had an account with them in the past, I’m sure of that. So everything was well and all of a sudden they closed my account“.

Due to the sudden closure and lack of explanation on why he was no longer allowed access to his player account, we were contacted to engage in mediation on behalf of the player.

We emailed our contact and within a few hours we received the following response outlining a possible case of “FRAUD.

Our representative stated in response via email:

The players account was closed due to fraudulent activity, using a payment account that belongs to someone else, while trying to prove otherwise. The player funded his account on May 7th 2014 Via Ecocard and complied with his picture ID and other security requirements. However, during the ongoing security verification process; the security and fraud division noticed that the Ecocard account provided by him does not belong to him and is registered under a different name, who is also a member at the casino. Security contacted Mr. XXXX who provided false documents to prove the Ecocard account is under his name. Following a check with the payment provider who confirmed the account does not belong to Mr. XXXX his casino account is immediately and permanently closed and funds will be returned to the rightful owner of the Ecocard account. Further Ecocard has been warned about the fraudulent actions on this account.

After receiving the casino’s response we contacted the player relating the above information. In his panic to call out the online casino, the player never mentioned to us they were using their spouses ECO Card account to fund the bonus play.

What’s unfortunate about this case is the player unintentionally committed “FRAUD” by using his spouses e-wallet. His ignorance of the terms and conditions quickly turned a winning situation into one of confusion and frustration. We do believe the player when he stated in his plea for help,

“As far as I know, I committed no discrepancies, I have 1 credit card registered and an Eco account. I’ve been making transfers to my Eco Card from my bank account, just to deposit at this casino to play. I’ve never had an account with them in the past, I’m sure of that.”

The unfortunate repercussions in using a spouses e-wallet was the loss of those winnings. However, unfair as it may seem, since the player was granted permission from his spouse, the online casino has set in its terms and conditions as well as for security and privacy of its players the restriction of not allowing anyone to share their e-wallet accounts.

If this were a different scenario and the spouses were no longer on friendly terms, the possibility of a malicious attack of the rightful players e-wallet, their bank, and credit card accounts could have been compromised and a loss of funds detrimental.

Kudos to the online casino’s security measures for preventing what could have been a really unfortunate case of fraud.

A word of advice out there to players who share accounts with spouses, friends or family members, JUST DON’T!

EcoCard, Neteller and Skrill, just to name a few e-wallets make opening an account online painless and hassle free and when you do win, guess what? Your winnings will be paid and you will save yourself a lot of grief in the long run.

If the player would have just made a concerted effort on his own behalf to use an account in his name he would’ve been sitting pretty on a cool $3500 pay day!



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