Avoid GoldenCasino.com


There are numerous complaints about non payouts to winners and several players have been receiving bonus abuse emails. Also lack of customer support to address these issues.

Other casino to avoid by this group are gocasino.com, onlinevegas.com crazyslots.com

We recommend avoiding these casinos at this time.

Rick Norris is the originating founder of Casino Scam Report (https://www.casinoscamreport.com) which has now been rebranded to Casino Players Report. For over 15 years he has helped players avoid online casino scams. In the process, he has helped recover hundreds of thousands of dollars for players.


  1. GoldenCasino has other names that it uses to pulls the same scam on players, the other name is Online Vegas Casino or onlinevegas.com
    The onlinevegas.com is a total fraud and a scam I deposited $100.00 and I won $250.00 on their crap tables when I cashed out for $350.00 they refused to pay me or send it to me saying that the game did not qualify for payout but they would keep the money if I lost it on the same game that I won on. The telephone number is 1-800-980-7818 and 866-881-4283. Its a total rip off and they should be taken off the internet and prosecuted They even use cheating software to make sure you can’t win any large amount. I’m willing to bet they never paid out any money to any of their online customers. Player avoid onlinevegas.com also

  2. http://www.onlinevegas.com is scams. I deposited $100 and won up to almost $300. I decided to withdraw but they wouldn’t let me. I was saying something I have to play or win up to $2000 for me to withdraw. I came back one day to play again and I saw my account balance only $180. I tried to contact online representative I took forever to answer. I told me I lost but I was very sure that I checked my balance before I logged out last night.

    What is a scam. especially when u ask to withdraw your money then they won’t let you win again in blackjack table.

    I like pokerstar better because they are real people and real money.

  3. This site is a rip-off. Beware after making several deposits and winning they have refused to allow me to withdraw any money. They have changed their withdraw policy to avoid issuing the money. first they start with a 72 hour hold, then they add additional time, then they change the min. amount to withdraw. I strongly recommend avoiding this site.

  4. I was fortunate enough to get paid from these guys. goldencasinolover statment holds true. Alot of players dont read the bonus money play requirements. You have to play a certain amount of that bonus money before you become eligable to cash out any of the money you have won. I was playing the $1 hot peppers slot machine and hit for a total of 43k. $43,000 dollars. Fact. Luckily I had played through my bonus requirements. That said, I ended up cashing out for about 33k. I was extremely lucky, I first hit for 1500 then built it up to 15,000. I went to work and continued to play throughout the whole day off and on. They took back all but about 4-500 bucks. It wasnt until I arrived back home freaking out, lying to my husband all day, telling him I hadnt played anymore…. By the grace of God I continued trying to win it back, started playing $20 on max bet and hit pepper pepper red seven. 43k. These places are set up to lose money. Can you believe they took back 15,000 dollars before I hit again? Thats just wrong. I did cash out at that time but had a really tough time collecting. Bush had just placed the ban on the processors so the one that they had had could no longer be used due to the restrictions. I sent letters to every ranking member in society in the netherlands, Gaming commissions you name it they knew I won that money. I called them 3 times a day everyday, emailed them everyday for almost 2 months until finally I got my first check for 6,000. They arrived every week until the entire amount was paid in full… Tax free. When bush did the ban he really screwed the US players blocking Playtech gaming software from allowing American players to play on their sites. If you are able play at those sites, I envy you. You can make some serious money. I wont even mention what I have made at playtech sites. they are by far the best online gaming software……. Much luck to all….

    Leann R.


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