RESOLVED: Lucky 18 Casino: withdrawals stalled, no response.

RESOLVED: Lucky 18 Casino: withdrawals stalled, no response.

Casinomeister Warning:

A player at has an issue where they had $450 stuck in withdrawal limbo and Lucky 18 Casino wasn’t responding to their requests for help. All attempts to help the issue get resolved produced the same results, nothing.

Warning: Lucky 18 Casino is not responding to player needs for withdrawal assistance.

RESOLVED: This is from The Casinomeister…

I’ve gone through a good collection of evidence relating to this case — including over 60 minutes of phone calls — and I have to conclude that this was a completely spurious complaint. The bottom line is that the player was trying to pressure the casino and used us a means of accomplishing that. Very uncool! We are now discussing the possibility of permanently banning this player from Casinomeister … as in _for life_.

That said I have to say that it’s very unfortunate that we were unable to get a response from the casino earlier in this process. It would appear that’s at least partly my fault in that I wasn’t using the proper email address for these issues which is

So, to be perfectly clear: the casino was not at fault here. The player’s claims were untrue and unjustified.


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