Planet 7 Casino is Now Blacklisted

Planet 7 Casino Scam

We’ve now had multiple complaints from Planet 7 Casino players telling us how they have been scammed out of their winnings. Planet 7 Casino used to be very good at getting back to us about these payout complaints but in the past year have stopped communicating with us completely.

Their silence tells us that there are most likely serious processing issues going with their payment processors. The biggest problem comes with accepting players deposits under the guise that they will be paid out when they win but this just hasn’t been the case with Planet 7 Casino as of late.

Here are two of the most recent complaints about the Planet 7 Casino scam…


And this is the follow up from the player…

they are claiming they paid the first withdrawal on November 29th I have never received the tracking number or the check I was told to send an email tp payments have done so 3 times asking for an acknowledgement stating someone is looking into it nothing received I also sent an email to the manager email asking them to look into it nothing they wont even talk about the second withdrawal

As players can see the casino and it’s managers are refusing to even respond to the players requests for payment.

The other email we recently received was this complaint…

I guess I didn’t learn the first time. After waiting over three months to get paid with my first withdrawal planet 7 casino is at it again. As an incentive they award players seven free spins for mobile users and desktop users when you make a deposit. Sounds pretty good right? Wrong. I have now become unable to collect this bonus because I was called a “consistent winner”. Apparently this bonus is only for people who lose and can’t win at anything. Doesn’t seem fair. I guess the message is they don’t want me playing in their online casino. They still owe me $300 for withdrawal requests since the beginning of August. I wonder if I will ever see those. Bottom line. DO NOT PLAY AT PLANET 7 CASINO. They only are interested in taking your money and stalling as long as they can to payout. Save yourself the hassle and go somewhere else. I did.

As always, if Planet 7 Casino or any other casino on our blacklist feels they have been unfairly listed all they have to do is contact us, open up communication, and PAY YOUR PLAYERS!

Other casinos that are in this group to avoid include:


  1. This casino is blacklisted folks. Do not play there or this will continue to happen…

    I have been waiting for two with drawls that were approved on November 11th from Planet 7.. I have not received them yet and this is December 27th. I keep getting a run around every two weeks they tell me to wait another couple of weeks I’m getting sick of this! The with drawls come to $937.00. This is not fair they receive my deposits right away and I have been waiting forever for my winnings. It has been so long that i am beginning to think that they are not going to send my money!
    I would appreciate any help that you can give me.

  2. The latest victim of Planet 7 Casino and their scam of not paying out players…

    requested 2 withdrawals one in October and one in November. Sent in documents many times via fax via emails still no results. Now no one answers emails or phone

  3. Latest complaint about Planet 7 not paying out…

    Very frustrated with this casino – I have been playing for several years, deposited 1000s and 1000s of dollars but never really tried to withdrawal anything until a few months ago- after going through a lengthy process of finally get my documents up to date and approved they finally approved my three withdrawals (10/06/16 for the first date-after waiting forever for that to happen) and I still have not received any payments! I ask chat when I will receive and they disconnected me(after taking forever to get someone on the chat line!) its now01/10/17 and nothing! They said several times that itll be any day and be patient… that long?? Total they owe is almost 4400 and it doesn’t look like its coming!

  4. Another complaint about Planet 7 Casino scamming players out of their money…

    I made a deposit of 30.00 and Planet 7 has a promotion of 7 free spins on mobile and pc. in the past they would at least give you $1.25 a spin enough to win a decent amount. Now they have moved it down to only 40c a spin. That’s a complete ripoff for a required 30.00 deposit. stay away!

  5. And another…

    I won every week in October 2016 and still have not been paid I have contacted them every. Month 3 times a week and still get know answer for why I have not got paid.They always have some kind off an excuse.

  6. it’s not getting any better…

    I have the same problem as others. Slow pay on withdrawal talked on chat and e mails but being paid is slow and frustrating. I do not know what to do now, I am70 and tired waiting for the $1800 that I was to use for medical bills. My wife divorced me because of me trying to win some money. Now my financial situation is worse.
    Thanks for a response!

  7. One more victim added to Planet 7 Casino’s Scam list…

    I hit 550.00 in early December 2016 withdrew 400.00 received a confirmation of approval for 272.00 I still haven’t been paid I currently have a 100.00 dollar withdrawl not paid. They have never paid me a dime. They say they are back logged. Live chat disconnects me in the middle of our conversations. I’ve spent a lot of money at Planet7 casino and I would like to be paid my little earnings.

  8. Latest player being scammed out of their winnings…

    My withdrawal was approved on 1/28/07 Planet 7 had paid in the past. They are giving me the runaround now. I had no idea they were blacklisted.

  9. And another player gets scammed by Planet 7 Casino

    I won on the online planet 7 the 1st time was on 3/1/2017 and I did a withdrawal and found that I did because it was Co-mingled with a bonus I was not in title to it so the next morning or 2 I deposited 30.00 and won a $100.00 and did a withdrawal. 2 days later I deposited 30.00 or 40.00and won $100.00 and did a withdrawal. There was a night they give me a $100.00 bonus when I asked for my 30.00 match bonus. I sent in all of the documents requested and the next day they had denied my withdrawal and co-mingled all of the bonus and legitimate withdrawals back onto my account. The denial email stated to contact the Live chat to see why it was denied, so I did and they stated that some documents was missing. I asked for 2 hours spoke with Windsor who either could not or would not inform me why my withdrawal was not being process. Spoke with his supervisor Jac Sparrow and he could not tell me what dilocuments was missing. Asked me to resubmit them. So I did to thedocuments@planet7 This casino is using stalling tactics when it comes to paying out their customers in the hopes that the customer will play the money. Dicussing. They also erased my original withdrawal and I had to do the withdrawals all over again on 3/10/2017. That made me very angry since the 2 dates where I won the $100.00 was legitimate withdrawals. Can you please investigate how they are taking advantage of all of their clients including me. I can’t believe with all the money make they would use these idiotic tactics to make more. Simply sad.

  10. Hi again, I made a withdrawal request on Nov. 26, 2016 for $2500 at planet7 casino. I have contacted them many times by live chat to find out when I will receive a check. All they can tell me is that I will receive an email with a fedex tracking number when they send the check. It’s been over 3 months now, and I still haven’t been paid!

  11. Another player ripped off by Planet 7 Casino…

    I requested a payout of 900 usd 4 months ago and I keep getting the run around.Every time I contact customer service I feel like they never have a clue whas going on,or one person says one thing and the other says something else.I feel like I’m being scammed and they are just trying to find ways to keep my money.

  12. And another 3/15/2017…

    First they told me that I needed to fill out an authorization for , copy of my ID and a picture of the card I used. I did all that and then they tell me that because it was bonus play credit I used. I told them that credit was used along time ago I had deposited $80 of my own money . Then more then two months passes and I try longing into my account but it gave me an error message of wrong password. Ok I reset it sends me a link I follow directions wrote the temp password and had successfully reset the password . Right after it tells me again wrong password . I did this like five times. Kept emailing my complaints and finally live chatted and now they wanted a bill sent along with prior author form ID the picture of the card I used with proof of address from a bill. They are straight up Gypsies I’m pissed.

  13. And another…

    I won on the online planet 7 the 1st time was on 3/1/2017 and I did a withdrawal and found that I did because it was Co-mingled with a bonus I was not in title to it so the next morning or 2 I deposited 30.00 and won a $100.00 and did a withdrawal. 2 days later I deposited 30.00 or 40.00and won $100.00 and did a withdrawal. There was a night they give me a $100.00 bonus when I asked for my 30.00 match bonus. I sent in all of the documents requested and the next day they had denied my withdrawal and co-mingled all of the bonus and legitimate withdrawals back onto my account. The denial email stated to contact the Live chat to see why it was denied, so I did and they stated that some documents was missing. I asked for 2 hours spoke with Windsor who either could not or would not inform me why my withdrawal was not being process. Spoke with his supervisor Jac Sparrow and he could not tell me what dilocuments was missing. Asked me to resubmit them. So I did to thedocuments@planet7 This casino is using stalling tactics when it comes to paying out their customers in the hopes that the customer will play the money. Dicussing. They also erased my original withdrawal and I had to do the withdrawals all over again on 3/10/2017. That made me very angry since the 2 dates where I won the $100.00 was legitimate withdrawals. Can you please investigate how they are taking advantage of all of their clients including me. I can’t believe with all the money make they would use these idiotic tactics to make more. Simply sad.

  14. People just keep giving the Planet 7 scammers their money…

    I won 2,00.00$ on When you make a deposit,you only have to give your normal banking info. When I tried to withdrawal my winnings, they wanted me to mail them my social security #,my bank account number and info,as well as other personal info. I wish I knew about this site before I signed up on their site. Never did receive my winnings.??

  15. And another player ripped off by Planet 7 Casino…

    I hate to do this but Ive been playing at Planet 7 Casino for a while, I deposited $30.00 on March 18 2017 and I won $500.00 I have completed all documents required and was approved of my winnings on March 25 2017 and that my winnings will be wired to my bank on March 31 2017. I have been live chatting with them back and forth and being lied to time after time. They asked me to wait first 4-6 business days. Then again wait 5-10 business days. I could on and on…. I give them the upmost respect. I EXPECT the same in return. They are full of false promises and false advertisement. As promised Planet 7. Casino accepted my $30.00 of my hardworking money in 10 minutes. I. Would like the courtesy of receiving my winnings of 500.00 without any problems.

  16. And another complaint…

    I had deposited money into Planet 7 .com and won 1634.79. Since winning the money, this online site has done anything and everything to delay and/or not pay me. I had to write to them first asking about my winnings, on which they informed me of the paperwork I had to fill out. I completed all the paperwork needed and had received an email on March 24th stating that my withdraw was APPROVED and I could expect my check within 10-20 days. I am still waiting for my winnings and have contacted them several times in the interim to no avail. I most recently received a response to an online inquiry stating that due to my location, they were not able to send a check to me…what the hell is that? Another sneaky way of not giving me my money. I have threatened to go to casino gaming authorities and have contacted both my bank and police in this…I am writing this to warn anyone else NEVER to go their site and/or deposit money with them. Their contact methods, which were working perfectly before I requested my withdraw, are suddenly not working and/or unavailable to me. I want to know how to go further into this investigation and how to proceed in getting my money from the winnings or getting my deposits back. Thanks

  17. The complaints never stop…

    I have an approved withdraw of $1000 that I won on Planet 7 back in December of 2016. I received the written approval from the casino and was told on 1/3/17 I would receive in about 20 business days. I have never received and have spoken, sent emails and left messages inquiring as to when I would receive it. I have numerous emails that state it is escalated, they are working on it and so on. I have been very accepting and polite in my inquires because each time I am told it will go out in about 7 days, but never happened. I am very disappointed in that I played, made numerous deposits and am lucky to win and they cannot honor that, in which I have told them. To treat a player this way just is not right. We play to win and if you do, they should honor that. Hope you can help, Thank you

  18. And another…

    My withdrawal was approved on 3/29/17. As of 5/2/17 I have not been payed. I waited all the days they asked, yet still not payed. Help !

  19. Another complaint…

    It’s been over two months and Planet 7 Casino gives me excuse after excuse and can’t pay my small payout of $125 . This place is a scam!!!! Plain and simple they take in your money in less than a few seconds and you can’t collect even a small amount. Don’t play if you can’t collect!!!!!

  20. Complaint:
    I have read all the negative reviews of Planet 7 Casino,have played for some months and finally did win $ 1000, for which dd request a payout. All the emails are coming back , not able to deliver, did chat with a person and so called manager, who told me to send a copy of my credit card, back and front, which I denied to do, cause of ID theft. Then he telling me, I could cover my 3 digit security code.I am very suspicious and I guess this is all fraud and scam, like 99 % of all online casinos. They are quick to take your money,but when it comes to payouts, a copy of your drivers license and copy of one of your utlility bills should be enough, to confirm your identity.Is this Casino to trust, cause all the reviews say, people are waiting for months and might get their wins or not.!what sense does it make to play, with the chance to win, and when winning, you do not get nothing?! One could just as well throw your hard earned money out of the window or what?

  21. Complaint:
    Have been back and forth since March 6, 2017 over a $225 payout request. First they let me wait over a month and several complaints to tell me to update my paperwork and info. After I did this I waited more time and several more contacts and promises it was on the way. Then promised to expedite. Still no check. Today 6/13/2017 they tell me they need more time and patience. I don’t think I will ever see this payout. Do you know what else Imcan do?

  22. I am in the same situation. I have accounts in planet 7, royal ace, silver oaks and captain jacks. They are all sister casinos. I have 2 withdrawals in planet 7 one for 2500 and another for $600 and silver oaks I have one for $500 they keep telling me I will receive my payment in the next batch.. it’s been 2 months still telling me the same thing. They only tell you that so while you are waiting for your money, you can still continue playing with them… But you will never see your winnings. IMPORTANT:: if you a slot player.. their random jackpots are fake!!! I was chasing a jackpot in planet 7 for $100,000 all of a sudden it resets to 20,000 . At first I thought someone hit it. So I went into my silver oaks account to play , to find out… The 100,000 jackpot was in silver oaks. So really those jackpots are just jumping from one website to another making players think that someone had won. But really no one really won it. Just keep it in mind if you are a slot player.

  23. If anyone knows how we can get our money back and what actions to take to get rid of all these scamming casinos… Please post and let me know. It’s been the first time I haven’t gotten paid by an online casino.

  24. Horrible payout system.lies constantly.everyone says something different…I’ve heard more lies and excuses it’s pathetic.they owe me over 8000 $.Im tired of the run around and need in touch with finance department.I have screen shot all the lies I’ve been told from many.Terrible experience and will never refer anyone here.

  25. I thought all on line casinos were created equal , boy was I wrong. I thought there was some type of commission that oversaw them, boy was I wrong. Bottom line finally got all the required paperwork in..(after several requests for the same documents) at each casino even though they are owned by same company. It’s been about 3 months, valuable lesson learned. I usually play at winaday or Lincoln and they are excellent.

  26. I requested a withdraw for my winnings and it was approved on April 10th 2017 and as of today I still have not received my payout. Every time i contact them I get the run around but after over 2 months I am getting very frustrated because I won the money and still no payment. Please help me

  27. I deposited $50 USD via my credit card. Easy. I played, made $50 and then tried to withdraw $100. That is when I found out I had to print out, sign, scan and email the form back. I do not have a printer or scanner. Then I found out I also had to copy, scan and email back both sides of my credit card, and my driver license! So it is easy to put money in, very difficult to get money out. Scanning the internet I see many many complaints about not being able to get money out, delays, “new problems” etc So it is an obvious scam and certainly unfriendly site. a void it

  28. Ive been playing at planet 7 for well over a year now, have had fun, have won but usually play thru any winnings. I have spent a ton of money there and finally requested a withdrawal for $2500. It was approved 3 days later and has been almost a month now with no straight answers, all I am being told is it will come as soon as possible. Ive contacted support numerous times and told to just be patient, I dont know what else to do, now Ive read all over the internet that they dont pay, very frustrating, any help would be much appreciated.

  29. I am having a pay out issues with planet seven casino they owe me over $3400. I cannot get a answer on when I will get paid. They keep giving me the runaround. I think this casino is a scam. Please help.

  30. I don’t know how to exactly start a petition but if someone can help let’s do it and make it go viral.we need to get them held accountable

  31. I have been waiting on a withdraw since may they keep giving me the run around, asking to reverify information 3 and 4 times. After giving all the information numerous times still nothing.

  32. I have playing at Planet7 since March. I have 12 withdrawals (totaling $3,904) dating back to May 18th that have been “approved”. To date I have only received $400. They keep telling me the payments are being “processed”. I am afraid that this casino is a scam. How can I get my money?

  33. Hi Rick my name is Nathalee, this is my first time making a complaint so I don’t know what to do,
    I have been making deposits into planet 7 casino regularly, I wanted to try my luck to win some money for my babies headstones,I enjoyed the games even though it was really hard to win anything so I kept making deposits praying for a win,it all started a few months back when I went onto live chat and was offered a 500% bonus with 100 free spins which had big wagering but I accepted,I was also told I could ask for this bonus through live chat so that’s what I did,after many deposits later I finally wagered and won money, $3500, I put a withdrawal request through and it said accepted,it then reversed back into my playing account so I played with $200 of the $3500, this went on for weeks,I then got an email from a tom.t asking for drivers licence,bank account, visa card picture and so on,I went to all the trouble of getting everything that was asked and emails were exchanged,he has not contacted me in the past 2 weeks,I contacted live chat as one night I was playing in the casino, I had over $200 plus the $3300 in pending withdrawals, I logged out had dinner and got back on the casino to continue playing,to my shock there was only a balance of $30. I then checked pending withdrawals and there was 0 dollars,I got straight onto live chat and was told they took my money as my country was restricted for this bonus,they offered me $30 and I declined,I explained that a live chat rep had added that bonus so why would it be restricted if it had been applied by live chat representatives several times,they didn’t have much to say except they can’t do anything about it due to there system,I was so frustrated as I am a single mother and had deposited a lot of money into there casino overtime,they are still sending me emails trying to make me make more deposits,please help me get my money that is rightfully mine I don’t know what else to do

  34. i had waited @ least 4 months before receiving my weinnings og $1020. I took my check to Wells Fargo & they kept it because it didn’t look right. 2 weeks later i went back to Weklls Fargo & they told me it was a fraudulent check. How do i get my winnings?

  35. BEWARE! Planet7 scammed me out of my entire $22K jackpot I won in May 2017. For months they strung me along making $2,500 withdrawal approvals every few weeks. Then they started telling me a PHONY STORY about a policy and procedures violation. Weird thing about that was they were always willing to accept all my hundreds of dollars in deposits! Next, they disconnected me from their casino. They also confiscated nearly 1,500 of my player bonus credits when they “cut me off their casino.” This casino and all their “sister” online casinos are corrupt. I never cashed out any money from any of them. I urge everyone to NEVER GAMBLE AT PLANET7 ONLINE CASINO!!! They’re corrupt!!!!!!

    • Barbara, they just did that to me and revoked my account with a pending withdrawal of $2,500 and they don’t talk to you about what’s happening, they beat around the bush. Scumbags!!!!

  36. having problem collecting winnings in total i have 5 withdrawals dating back to may far only been paid for two which came after60 days …my third approved 6/6 approx $275.didnt get ..8/15 $475..didnt get…8/23 $265 didnt get..they are no help when contacted and only say it has been expedited along with many lies..this is not fair

  37. I am having a hard time receiving the money I won at planet 7. My payout was approved on September 4th. Their policy states payment will be sent within 7 business days after approval. It’s almost October. They keep giving me the run-around or keep telling me it will take longer. I had this same problem with my first withdrawal last year in September. They claim they couldn’t contact me which was a lie. They never answer the phones. The only way you can contact them is through chat. So many people are having this same problem with them. I later found out this casino was blacklisted. They have no problem taking your money, but they don’t want to pay you what you won. I have screenshots of the chat conversations I had for proof. This casino is a fraud and need to be shut down.

  38. I received my payout check 2 months ago and it has not yet been paid. casino says I need to contact my bank. which I not sure that is wise.

  39. I hit a jackpot of 18000 in feb. As of today. Still no payouts. I filed verfaction forms and was informed they have all proper forms. Im allowed payouts in payments of 2500. They have approved about 13500 and the rest still pending. Ive called several times. Cant get a straight answer. Have texed live agent every week. They inform me. All my approved amounts will be paid. I just want my money. Need ur advise. Help please

  40. I’am having a problem with a withdrawal from planet7 casino..i requested a withdrawal for 2000.00 on August 2 2017 ive contacted them via email and several live chats only to be assured I would be paid to just be patient. it is October 8 and now I cant get a response at all. any help would sure be appreciated..thank you

  41. I made a request for withdrawal of $2,500 on July 27, 2017 and I wasn’t paid until October 10, 2017. Same issues as everybody here.

  42. I made a withdrawal request for $2500 on September 28, “approved” on October 12. This is November 4 and they continue to say it is in finance and waiting for a processor to send it. I am now pretty discouraged about getting paid at all.

  43. Hello,

    I am waiting on 7 withdrawls totaling $16,500 from Planet 7. I have sent in all documents and they have confirmed them all.

    The casino informed me i would be paid by now, but that did not happen.

    I have all chat transcripts and screenshots to prove each withdraw request, approval, as well as terms and conditions.

    Thank you in advance for your help.

  44. Cashed out over two weeks been contacting every other day with my ref number etc.. said documents would be done being gone over next day. Log on and they put all the winnings back in so cashed out again. But it one time have I had an email response n live chat seems to be getting no where. I didn�t know they were blacklisted I been playing here for well over two years unreal not feeling hopeful. Can I get an attorney to resolve this matter.

  45. I signed up to Planet7oz casino last month and claimed a welcome bonus. I won up to $180 and when I attempted to cash out, my request was repeatedly denied. Finally today, when I was on live chat, I was informed that I could not cash out due to wagering requirements, when it was advertised as having “no play-through requirements”. In order to cash out, I only needed to play the extra $100 bonus and have a minimum of $100 in my account, which I did. In the end, I was told I needed to play through an extra $159 so I needed $259 in order to cash out. I decided to cut my losses and continue playing on. As soon as I placed a bet however, I was immediately logged out and when I attempted to log back in, I was met with an error – “you are not allowed to log in, please contact customer support”. I contacted live support and was notified my access to the casino had been revoked at their discretion without any explanation as to why and the person immediately left the chat. I tried again with 3 more customer support people and was met with the same automated message and immediate termination of chat. I had not done anything wrong, nor have I had my money reimbursed. I have sent Planet7Oz multiple emails over the last 3 weeks, in regards to cashing out, having my documents verified and again today in relation to this issue. I am always met with the same automated email “you will receive a response within 2 business days”, yet this has not been the case. I have had non-stop trouble with this casino from the get-go and I am now $180 out of pocket. Below is an example of the first live chat:

    Chat started on 11 Nov 2017, 02:55 AM (GMT+0)
    (02:55:03) *** joined the chat ***
    (02:55:03) Kym: Hello, I was logged out mid-game and now I have a message saying I am not allowed to log in
    (02:55:15) Casino Support Center: Welcome to Customer Support. While we take a moment to assign the best agent to assist your needs, can you provide your username and phone number so we can locate your account?
    (02:55:23) Kym: ******
    (02:55:25) Kym: **********
    (03:00:19) *** Sarah joined the chat ***
    (03:01:31) Sarah: Hello, Welcome to Online casino. Good Day! Please allow me to check your account, Thank you .
    (03:01:37) Kym: Thanks
    (03:03:25) Sarah: I am sorry to inform you that your casino access has been revoked. The decision is, unfortunately, non-reversible. Any casino account can be closed based solely on our discretion as part of our policies to ensure game fairness, the safekeeping of company assets, and our third-party processors. Your understanding is appreciated.
    (03:03:28) *** Sarah left the chat ***
    (03:03:44) *** Kym has rated the chat Bad ***
    (03:04:22) *** Kym left the chat ***

  46. I made a fair deposit with bonus. I played for a few days on and off. I finally decided to withdraw my winnings at $450. I followed through with emailing all of the requested identification verification documents that Planet 7 requested. After 1 week, I still had not heard anything. Reached out to the casino via live chat. They informed me they still needed another copy of my credit card, even though they failed to inform me on their own. I sent the document again. One month passed, not another word. I reached out again via live chat. Then they inform me that my withdrawal was not $450, but $285 since $165 “was their bonus money.” I had no clue what they were talking about, but at this point I just want to get this over with. They tell me the withdrawal has been sent to another department and that anyone at live chat would not be able to help me at tghis point. They gave me an email address to try to follow up with the process. So far I have emailed this address 4 times, with absolutely no response. Now I’m reading other customer’s reviews at various chat sites and I am now realizing this has been a scam the entire time.

  47. I played frequently on planet7 but in june of 2017 i won $1,685 it took about 4 months to receive the check from planet7 but when i tried to deposit in my account it was rejected because my bank (wood forest bank) dont except foreign checks so they sent check back to the bank it came from and now bank says its a fraudulently check please help

  48. 60K plus won requested $34K and was refused saying I played tri card poker.
    I did play that but after my play throuh had been played.

  49. Yes hi I won 2000 sent in all my I�d and it�s now been nearly 2 weeks and they keep asking for more I�d when I sent it to them when I was on chat and he confirmed that they received my emails but continue to stall on payment

  50. Continually tell me they have received all documentation for withdrawing funds, when I make inquiries, I am told they do not have my documents, and i have sent them to the wrong email address, I then send again and another person on live chat tells me the other email is incorrect, I am constantly being played.

  51. I have attempted 2 different withdrawals ($502 and & $1201). Each time, after about a week or so, the withdrawals reappear in my balance. I ask custormer service (5x) and they keep telling me that they are still reviewing my documents or they don’t yet have them. I’ve sent in the required documents 3 separate times and still no payment. I just want Planet7 to pay me as I paid to play with them!!! It is frustrating that I can’t receive my withdrawals! They took my money so they need to pay up!!

  52. They never paymed me either. Sent emails and never got a response. I finally just gave up on ever getting payed. Why can’t we do something about this

  53. Hi, first of thank you for hearing my case.
    So I’ve played at planet 7 casino with a non deposit bonus, luckily after following the terms and condition of the casino and finished the play through I won. The maximum I can withdraw is $100. So right away, I’ve sent all the necessary documents on the January the 31st. Right away I have the system replying I will be notify within the next 2 business days. 7 days have passed without any notification or anything so I contacted the customer support through the live chat, and they told me I was missing some documents. Well so I resend all my documents which the same one that I already did the first time. This was on Feb 7, Again the system told me I will be notify within 2 business day. Once more I did not hear back for 5 business day I contacted customer live support then they told me my doc still incomplete. So I escalate the issue to the documents department and finally they approve it in 7 days. My withdrawal also finally approved on the feb 21 so I’m just sitting here to wait for my fund to be delivered. Oh and by the way I requested bitcoin withdrawal. Yesterday I signed in to check on the status and suddenly they told me I requested a check withdraw. I contacted the live support and asked them to fix the issue and I also provide them with my crypto address for the 4th time I provided them with it. They told me just be patient and they assured me the payout is coming. And today feb the 27th I tried to log in this morning all the sudden they locked me out of my account saying I have duplicate account with them, This is the one and only account I had with them. I’ve never play at planet 7 casino before, Somik writing this complaint to you guys frustrated and exhausted after I’ve sent all the nesessary documents and following their procedure in the end they refuse to pay what I’ve won. I feel like I’m being cheated by this casino. So please if there’s anything you can do with this matter would be greatly appreciated. I can’t let this type of casino treat the players like this. I have all the proof and all the chat transcript or documents saved if needed. Thank you for helping in this matter.

  54. I played the free spins and kept playing. I decided to see if I could withdraw my winnings. After already taking $100 and me playing through the play through I won $386. I’ve waited for months and still do not have my winnings. They told me I had the wrong info for a wire transfer which that went on for awhile. Once I gave them the correct info they blocked my access to the casino and have revoked my membership status. When I call they hang up on me. Class Action suit is what needs to happen

  55. I have two withdraws of $2500 each. FIRST they tried to tell me that I wasn’t eligible for a payout because I had used no-withdraw bonuses. I corrected them on that really quick. Now they’re still sitting there a month later and no one has told me if they are approved and what the status is.

    Finally I reached out to their owners, AceRevenue and asked for some help there. I heard back and we have had several e-mails back and forth.

    Now they’re telling me they need MORE documentation. I’ve supplied everything they ask for on the web site as well as a few other pieces of info. Now they want more forms of ID and proof of address. I think next they’re doing to ask for a urine sample and genealogy report.

    I can handle a slow payout as long as I know that it’s coming. But now I feel like I’m just getting stall tactics. I really wish I had read some of these reviews before I started playing with them.

    Any other advise would be greatly appreciated.

    Admin’s reply: Sorry to say they are a scam casino and have been on our Blacklist for quite sometime. The only advice we have for players is to keep contacting them everyday about it. Make sure to never threaten them. That will only get your account locked and you will never see a dime. Some players have reported getting paid several months after their initial request.

  56. I won 20,000.00 on August 23rd and Planet 7 Casino and a few days later I won another 2,000.00. I have given them all the paperwork they need after sending it several times. I have also given them all the information they need for wire transfer and they verified that on September 22nd from the finance department, but I cannot seem to get my money. They keep telling me I have 3 approvals so far but they have not been sent to the processor yet??

  57. Planet 7 owes me $525.00 for 3/4 monthsAll documents sent were approved. I have no reason explained why they keep giving me NO reason & now I am restricted from logging in..They will not answer me asto why….worst casino ever played..Then several months ago I won a big jackpot of several thousands & said I was only entitled to a couple hundred….I am 76 yrs. old & feel scammed hope u can help me ty

  58. I made 3 withdrawals totaling $4439 on the same day. I completed the playthrough amount where any other games are locked but then played some hands of 3 card poker and blackjack (which I lost). Because of this, all of my winnings were stripped.

  59. I was playing Lucky Tiger at Planet 7 Casino which awards 8 free spins and retriggers with 3 shields. I read the game rules and there are absolutely no max payout regulations. The game stopped after 6 spins and did not give me the 2 bonus retriggers that I was entitled to receive. When I contacted VIP support he hung up on me and refused to give me the spins or money I had one. I was told “Life isn’t fair”. The VIP manager’s name was Rick. He was very rude and would not compensate in any way. With Planet 7 Online Casino it is customary for the connection to drop when you are winning or lose free spins for no apparent reason. Rick blamed that on an internet connection although it only happens when you are winning. This is unjust, theft, and is a violation of regulations. It is not right to the clients giving them money. Who do I report this to so that they can be reprimanded. BEWARE OF FRAUD!

  60. Planet 7 is a crooked non paying online casino, never play there they refused to send my money $500 withdrawal over 2 months closer to 3 what a crooked bunch of ass holes,.

  61. Dont know if this is the place to say it, but for those that dont already know.. Planet 7 online casino is one of the most crooked casinos out there!! They know that they dont have to answer to anyone, and will take your money as fast as you can win it.. Will not respond to emails, phone calls, I hit a mega win on one of their slots, I was surprised to see the amount keep climbing! It finally stopped at $987.00. From a 5 of a kind, on Coi Hong.. it took them about 2 minutes to remove the winnings, and leave $97 in its place.. i wish i would have checked out this casino beforehand!! Luckily i was not into them for very much..

  62. What they didn’t tell you up front that if you except and use the signup bonus ,(free spins or cash) your balance must only contain 5.00 or every thing you win is considered not payable,and that includes 25.00 of your 30.00 deposit to start playing. I’m greatfull I only lost 30.00.

    • I want to add to my complaint, I was told that both of my withdrawals are approved, Then I get a call from Danny Martin VIP host leaving a message on my iPhone that I can use as evidence, Claiming he going make sure I get my money well it’s almost March no money , I was owed 5000, But they claim I’m only getting 795 of the first 2500. and that I would receive the full amount of the other 2500. Now they’re stating that the documents are up to date when I made sure my documents wherein for 2019, There playing games

  63. Hello My name is Sherry, I also have had runarounds I withdraw on December 24, 2019, Well it was still waiting for approval, By January it was finally approved, I just assumed that the check is on its way. I contact them many of times, Then I was told January 4, 2019, that the check was sent out But they would have to deduct 40.00 from my check to send it really, But I still haven’t seen my money I have a lot more winnings sitting in the pending withdraw. When you met the bonus and then they find another way to take your winnings I shouldn’t have to pay to send my check

  64. I won a jackpot of $36,000 . After getting the run around telling me I was not talking to the right department I finally started receiving checks of 2100. The withdrawal amount from my account was $2500 $400 in process fees. After three checks they stopped paying after contacting the several times with no results I checked the account and they had withdrawn $16000 from the account but I never received any checks. I keep trying to contact the and they always say someone will get back to me. It’s been 3 months I know now I’ll never receive that money because they say they have already paid it. They even had me go and set up a separate bank account just for checks from them. I’m sure they want to cover their tracks somehow considering they are a CRIMINAL ORGANIZATION.

    • I feel your pain they are liars they are differently criminals I just wish there was something we could do to make them pay or shut them down

  65. In April I made withdrawal and sent the necessary forms was verified and never received my money of 2 payments one for 200 another 600

  66. I cashed out 3 times since April. All were approved. When you go to cash out it ask if you want to check or wire transfer I chose a check. They are now telling me that a check is not an option. I do not have a bank with a swift code. They suggest I just go to a major big bank which I don’t live by, the nearest one is 50 miles away. I don’t have any money to open another account. The only approximately $2600
    I have gotten checks from them before. But this time they will not pay me

  67. I had a terrible time with them as well but FINALLY got *most* of my winnings.

    I used bitcoin. It’s a pain to setup but they did let me use that for my withdrawal since they also said my bank wasn’t on their “approved list”.


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